Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 8, Visit to Mc Leodganj

Friends, it’s day 8 and there’s hardly any actual writing going on this desk today. I had a great great girls day out to Dharamshala and Mcleod Ganj today. And while I was looking at the amazing pictures I thought of giving you also the feel of splurge. It was a fun trip with all the girlie mastiee topped with a generous dose of mystifying natural beauty. Mountains, of course, have been ever alluring with all its magnificence. But it looks heavenly on a perfect misty weather and I am still reverberating in its madness. We had one incredible day with the best of everything. Have a look.

                                                  Heading towards the destination

                          Practically crossed over a landslide  (The Bahubalis in the making)

                           Due to the incessant rainfall there were waterfalls all the way

                                      Mcleod Ganj is predominantly a buddhist inhabitat

                                  Ladies ... of course we can't do without shopping

                                        Mc llo. The oldest eatery at Mcleod Ganj

                                                    Bhel ... wanna have some

                                                            The gang of girls

The show stopper of the day. Bhagsung waterfall. A place to be. It seems another world altogether amidst descended clouds 

                                    And it was great to be here. So distressing.

So why should boys have all the fun? 


  1. It is indeed a great place, i was there long time back.

    A trip with friends adds onto the excitement...i can see in your post too :)