Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 14. School chalein hum.

Another girls day out loaded with fun, frolic and laughter. The occasion was the ladies meet which is our (Army) monthly gathering aka kitty party for ladies in civil. It is a platform to welcome new members and bid adieu to the ones moving out of the station. This purely ladies event helps in bonding together and develop camaraderie which helps us to be a pillar of strength for each other whilst our soldier husbands are away on duty and even otherwise. The format of this gathering differs from place to place but having a good time together is its quintessential element or rather the soul. 

So here are snippets from this day of the month. The theme was 'Back to school'. Hope you have fun too watching us.

The decor

                                                              The fliers that we are

                                                   Colouring ... you wanna do some

                                               The time table of Masti ki Paathshala

                                                       Welcome to the kids world

                                 Starting with the formal education : A to Zeeee

                                                          Spreading Wisdom

                                                          Life is colourfull

                                                     The Art and craft corner

                                                             Life is a song

                                                          Don't Lie says ACP Pradyuman

                                                    My favourite from the day

                                                      The not to miss quote

                                                         The kids corner

And what followed was a complete riot. Hope you feel the thump?

                                         Class keep quiet. Attendance please

                                                      Students of the day

                                     Ma'am I came late because the bus was late

                           I love the way you do your hair. (Is that possible ???)

                                    Baba black sheep had three bags full of wool

                                                               I know it all

                                                         The binaca smile

                                                            The tug of war

                                                  The favourite with a twist

                                                           That's meeee

                                            And there were prizes that we won

How was having a sneak peak into all the merriment. And of course girls can have fun better. See you tomorrow.

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