Monday, January 2, 2017

Whats Wrong With New Year Resolutions?

Year round up done. So next is what? The sort of mandatory New Year resolution? Really? Are they like, must? Well they are a significant part of the whole New Year thing. A dedicated fitness regime, weight loss, reading more, quit smoking, drinking lesser (insane), reading to some figure, and blah blah blah. The list seems never ending and reads some of the popular choices but what stayed with me with one complete year once was a rarely heard resolution in which I pledged to keep in touch with my friends more frequently and I really did. Over the years I had become one person who lived in a bubble but did burst open with a New Year resolution once and that’s the only time I did it. Otherwise it had always been one futile exercise only meant to have one and share when asked, ‘What’s your New Year Resolution?’

So a New Year resolution cacoethes which even I would adhere to some years back doesn’t cross my mind now. In fact have to struggle excruciatingly hard to figure out one which would stay strong the entire year. It is not that I have achieved it all and don’t have anything to conquer but just that it is difficult to figure out that one thing which could be the driving force for an entire year. A year looks like a decade now. Well! Do I sound like an oldie? I don’t know but life has been so unpredictable and full of dynamic situations every single day that somehow I have given up on long term planning and goals. During the final months of the year gone by I have been engaged with one month plans and resolutions which worked pretty well with me and I am going to bring that down to even smaller denominations this year. Smaller goals I realized have higher success rates. At least that’s what I have experienced. It keeps you on the edge, focused and creates the right amount of stress taking out the best in you. But keeping up with the old school of having one resolution for an entire year which most of us fail to keep, here’s why I think it happens:

  •  As I said, a year is way too long a time to stick on to one particular resolution. We might start working on it enthusiastically but soon procrastination seeps in and because the journey is too long, there’s always another day.

  •  Life changes too fast and every day present us with new set of challenges. One resolution which might be appealing enough on the first day of the year may lose its charm or applicability very soon. And the resolution dies its own death.

  • For success fuels inspiration, a failed resolution never drives to work hard the next year. I feel a short term resolution is much more achievable because the time is less and therefore calls for harder work. Whether we succeed or fail, the next target is right there and there is a defined time to achieve it.

So let the heart pumping up and get set to achieve more and more resolutions. So for me it will be a year of even shorter goals and resolutions. To start with, finishing off the current book I am reading in next 48 hours and posting a review is my first target. This is what sits on my lap right now and for the past few days, I have not been able to move much ahead, so decided to place it on the target and fire my first round for the year 2017.

But yes, don’t want to give away the yearly resolution altogether and I pledge to write every single day in some form or the other this year. And my time starts now …. tick tock tick tock