Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 7. Dreams

So it is the seventh day. A week gets over and although getting committed to writing everyday charges a complete hue of emotions and does drain me out at times but it can be called as withdrawal symptoms of a cushioned life. So here I am with a new blog post, a story speaking of dreams.

Ecstasy had a new name; Kiya. Life could not be fuller. The biggest dream of Kiya was to be fulfilled tonight. Dance has been her passion and she always wanted to get a formal training to hone her skills. Tonight will be a starry night and the biggest star on stage will be Kiya.

It is mid afternoon and Kiya has to go to the market to finish her last minute shopping for tonight’s performance, which would mark her beginning as a Kathak dancer. Stepping out of the house, Kiya headed to the nearby departmental store. There was not much traffic on the road and she reached the store in a couple of minutes. As she parked the car, she saw a young girl in her early twenties sitting near the tea stall. There was something about that girl which pulled Kiya towards her. Her eyes were red and swollen. It had the tell tale signs of an emotional downpour. Kiya felt a strange connect with that girl Sneha. She took Sneha to the car and before she could frame a question, Sneha broke down.

"I was going to Gaya for the State Athletics camp when last night I was thrown out of the train by some goons. I had protested when they were trying to molest a fellow passenger. I have to be there for the trials before 5. I have worked hard for this day and see where my destiny takes me" Sneha sobbed incessantly as she completed.

Gaya was two hours drive away and there was still time. But due to the ongoing auto, bus strike there was no safe conveyance to be found. The next train was after two hours which could not be relied upon. Kiya was in a great dilemma. If she personally goes to drop Sneha to fulfill her dream then she would buy this in turn of her's and if she leaves Sneha in the unsafe hands of her fate, Kiya might not be able to forgive herself. 

Minutes later, Kiya's car was racing on Gaya highway. She did not have enough time to go back home to pick up her mobile which she forgot while coming out. Unflinching from the dangers she might witness, she was raring to go. Her performance was scheduled second in the order of tonight's show which would kick start at 7. It was still 2:30 in the afternoon. Kiya sped up the car to meet the two dreams.

They both sighed of relief when they touched Gaya. Kiya left Sneha at the stadium and started back immediately. The pleasure on Kiya's face was incomparable but she had one more unfinished task at hand. But this one was not going to be easy. It was already 5 and by the time it clocked 7, she was still on the outskirts of Ranchi facing the inevitable. There was a traffic bottleneck due to an accident on the highway. Kiya got stuck there for good about thirty minutes. With every passing minute she lost hope of making it even before the concert ended. 

It is 9:45 and instead of heading of checking at the concert venue, she straight a way is heading home. The concert would be over by now. With a defeated thwarted self and heavy heart she entered the house. As expected her father was racing frantically in the drawing room and mother was on phone with someone asking about her. As Kiya stepped in, they both ran towards her.

"Where were the hell you have been Kiya?" Blurted out her father.

"How are you Kiya? Are you ok? Why are you looking so sad? What's the matter?" Ejaculated her mother.

"I lost my first opportunity to perform mom. My dream is shattered." Spoke a dejected Kiya.

"Why ? Why are you saying this? Why you won't perform?" Kiya's mom spoke with a visible unrest.

"What do you mean mom? Don't you know I am late and could not make it to the concert in time!" tears rolled down the eyes of Kiya.

"But the concert is postponed indefinitely till the tension in the city clears up. Don't you know that?" said her perplexed mom.

"What! No mom." Kiya could not belief what just fell on her ears and with utter joy narrated the day's incident to her parents.

"We are proud of you Kira. You will fulfill your dream but the pleasure will be doubled for saving someone else's too" said Kira's father.

This post is written for magpie tales.


  1. Fortune favours the brave......positivity all round.

    1. Thanks for being here Anirban and for the kind words also