Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An open letter which is so very personal - part I

It was not happening for the first time to me but it was, and it was magical. Your deep soaking voice, your playful eyes with which you gave those flirtatious looks to me, your killing dance moves which won me completely, the zing in your walk and amazing sense of humour with a justly timing, the fighting spirit, in fact everything in you reminded me of my own self. Exactly. You were so very much me. Careless, carefree, free from all the bonding, a born rebel, ready to storm the world with whooping energy. Your  intoxicating smell, it entered my soul and lead me to a trance. As if it was mine but lost somewhere. I loved to see you fly and did’nt even come to know when I joined you on that journey which seemed endless, full of new life every moment. It brought a new experience every second with ensuing freshness and a daring madness. I loved being with you as a part of you which was my own reflection. Being with you I felt my life was taking a newfangled turn which was so much more colourful and pretentious. I loved every bit of it but you either unsure of what was happening to you also or looking for reasons in bullet points always asked me “Why me?”. It seemed so very difficult to me to list those ‘reasons’. It was as if justifying my existence to myself. May be always opposites attract but if that be true then are soulmates two individuals with different cores? Is it difficult to be together when you are so much alike? But with time we evolved to have separate strengths and most importantly a bit of weaknesses too. And when I look back I realize you were a shade better than me. Not like me but a more perfect me. And today I gather those enough bullet points to tell you as they are so very important to be told.

1.         I loved you as a human being. You were one of those ‘Allah ke nek bande’ who are not only himself good but spread that goodness around. I remember you helping around needy poor people who were not even known and it must be your aura speaking because of which though in a crowd yet they came asking help from you.

2.         I loved your serious logical reasoning for even the most illogical thing on earth. I am sure you would be a fiery debater back in school days. You had the most convincing ability which could win anything on earth. Sometimes I wonder the logic which you gave was that all planned and if you worked as per them? I mean I really wonder because the reasoning used to be so perfect.

3.         Your love for adventure. Well we made quite a lot of it together but so much is still undone and since I love my life that way I knew my life would be steering where I would have always wanted it be.

4.         Your zest for life and happiness quotient in it. The way you seeked happiness in every possible offerings of life and in turn spread it around. It was the most amazing quality you had which at times I hated as you did’nt let me be in own self during my down syndrome.

5.         Your just self, which held the hands of truth always. Whether it is comforting or not and whether it took to accepting your own mistake in a conflict. Not everybody can do it that well.

6.         And I loved the way you looked okay. …

P.S. Please visit again to hear the rest of the story.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks ma'am. M glad u liked it. Though every story emerges from writer's personal life generally. This one though is more of a fiction .

  2. Upma loved it ... its about u n adi right ?

  3. No Pooja though it looks like but its fictional.

  4. I read through again and again and I can say for sure it's the best described. A Salute to him and you, because that's what you are and what you will always be. It's been very well said "A turmoil in you does get the best out of you, for you will surely succeed in what ever you do".

    1. Thanks Rajesh for such encouraging words. I am so very glad you liked the post. The much awaited part II is gonna happen soon now. Please get back for the rest of the journey.