Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 16. I dare to dream

There are certain dreams which don't let you sleep and I say may they take away all from me. People who know me say I am a born dreamer and yes that’s true. This is what best describes me. Many years before, I dreamt to be a soldier and this one won’t let me sleep. When I cleared my SSB and till the time I joined the academy, I got completely fixated on donning the olive greens. This shade of green was the colour which looked the best on me which later on rose to become my way of life, my attitude of life. However, as I speak of dreams, this was my most possessed and obsessed dream and I desired it so deeply that I lived it later on. Although I called quits after living it gloriously for ten years, I am still part of the organization, only the role differs this time. And now my dreams have a reverence which is diametrically opposite. Read about my biggest dreams here. This is for the dreamer in me.

To my dreams,

You look so radiant, as never before,

With a snow white glow, as never before.

I blush today on your shore,

In your love tells me my chore.

The charisma prevails in the air

And tells my dreams to be my pair,

To show me the way and head to lay,

Where I will live them in every way.

I hold you tight until you are gone,

And live up for the love of the dawn.

Dream, because if you can’t dare to even that, for me that’s being in a life with no desires. Having desires and striving to achieve them, is all what life is about. So widen your horizons and design your life as you want it to be. Be a dreamer, be an achiever.

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