Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 21. Love blues

It has been almost half an hour, Smita and Abhi stood there amidst the chirping of wild birds and quiet tyranny of the forest. Not a forest exactly, but marooned from the disturbing noises of civilization, this place was  on the city outskirts. Smita and Abhi were going around with each other for six months now. They went to the same mathematics classes. Gliding into their late teens, this phase of life was the most beautiful one for them. Abhi was a tall and athletic guy who was always brimming with vernal energy. His irresistible looks accentuated with his infectious smile, made him desirable and the girls envied Smita. Cupid struck Smita at first sight of his charming prince as Abhi had it all. Conscious of his good looks, Abhi rested his meandering self in the comforts of Smita. But there was something amiss which made Smita restless at times. Smita was truly madly in love. Whatever occupied her, but Abhi seemed to be always on his mind. Her friends said, “Smita you have completely blinded yourself in the love of Abhi so much that you have turned oblivion to the life around you.” But nothing would affect her. She continued to be in the state of obsession, but whether Abhi felt that way too, she used to think at times.

It was Abhi’s birthday and he had chosen this place for some undisturbed time with Smita. He had asked Smita what would she gift him on his birthday.

“What do you want? Tell me Abhi.”

“Not now. Will ask on the  day itself.”

“But what if I am not able to. I mean give me some reaction time.”

“You don’t worry about that. You will be able to.”

The thrill in Abhi’s voice was obtrusive and made Smita think of those intangible pleasures. Past six months, the philia had brought their hearts closer, but they had not furthered from occasional holding of hands. ‘So what could it be?’ Smita had sleepless nights thinking about it. She asked her friends who were in relationships, but the answer varied.  Everybody had their own share of experiences and further confused Smita and she decided to let it go.

“Where are we going?” Asked a visibly nervous Smita.

“If you trust me, just relax and enjoy.” 

Abhi kick started his bike and soon they were speeding towards Nandan van, a small thick green patch on the outskirts of the city. It was adjacent to the city zoo and therefore an abandoned place which had reported occasional spotting of wild boar and fox at times. When Abhi went off road and started moving near Nandan van, Smita got surprised. She did not want to upset Abhi so kept quiet but her mind was racing to find a possible reason for their movement towards the bewilderment. Soon they crossed the board of Nandan van. Trespassing in the area was illegal, it said. Driving for around 10 min inside the forest, Abhi stopped his bike.

Catch up the space for sequel soon.

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