Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 18. Just a small quirky conversation.

My evenings are mostly the same. Every day around six in the evening we get ready, I mean, me and Vihaan my seven year old cute Li’l brat, and go to our society park. Evenings are the best hours of the day in Devlali. I love the gentle and refreshing breeze which touches the body and soul as well to rejuvenate it to the core. The fresh and pure air unwinds me completely and invigorates for fighting the battles of remaining part of the day. Undoubtedly, this routine is something which both, me and Vihaan look forward to. The kids chirping and hopping like excited atoms pass on their energy even to the onlookers.

At times me and Vihaan indulge in academic talks when he finds something intriguing enough in the park to have a connect with his school curriculum. It was turning out to be an evening of the sorts. We just did the chapter on cultural diversities in India, in EVS (Environmental Studies).

Vihaan: Mom, see that new boy in the park. He looks like the one shown in the book.

Me: Yes, Vihaan. He is a Sikh boy.

Vihaan: Mom, they pray in gurudwaras right?

Me: Yes Vihaan.

Vihaan: Mom this one I remember because they look different, but for the others, it is so difficult.

Me: Baby, there are four major religions. Hindus who go to temple, Muslims in mosques, Sikhs in gurudwaras and Christians in church.

Vihaan: But there are others too right? All this is so confusing. Why can’t they all go to one place and pray. God is everywhere you said.

Me: Sweetheart it is not that easy. They are from different religions and don’t have same Gods.

Vihaan: So why God has to be different. You said God is one, now you are saying he is different for everyone. If we all are same then why our Gods are not? Let there be one God and one place of prayer so that there is no confusion.

Me: Vihaan God is, but one dear. How should I make you understand! You will know for yourself when you grow old.

Vihaan: If it had to be learned later then why is it in our chapter right now? I guess your concepts are still not clear mom. But as I see it, it is difficult to make out who is who, then why complicate things so much ma.

Me: Yeah, I guess my concepts are not clear. I wish things could be as simple as you said for everybody.

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  1. Dear Vihaan,
    Heal the World, make t a better place,
    For me, for you and the entire Human Race