Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 22. Create Your Happiness.

This is not just a quote, I shared it here because I believe in it. Our happiness is our provincial pursuit and to be or not to be is completely our decision which majorly depends upon how we see our life and its blessings. If we appreciate what we have in life, we value them and certainly be happy about it which, as I said before, attracts more and more happiness in return. But beyond our possessions, there is something which brings us happiness. These are the facets of life which brings inexplicable pleasure. The more you indulge, the more happiness you create for yourself. Happiness comes in many forms. It can be as simple as listening to your choice of music, letting yourself loose tapping your feat, cooking, nurturing the nature in the form of gardening or just taking a stroll in the limiting sun. What works out for you, that you have to know for yourself and strive to create those perfect moments. So don't sit back and wait for happiness to touch you, get up and create it for yourself.

While, you find out what brings you happiness, here is what does to me. Books are my first love, seconded by dance, workouts, games, travelling, watching movies, singing (at times), and the list goes on. On a perfect day I would love to grab a book and get engulfed in its world, undivided. Today I created my happiness by shopping for my new collection of books. I picked up reading a few years ago and now I feel how much unlucky I have been in my life for being away from this pleasure for so long. But better late then never. So whenever I buy it is mostly a mix of old and new books. Have a look at what my world of books looks like

I feel like a new kid on the block while sharing this, but this is just a beginning and the newly found love is raring to conquer new heights. And yes, it brings me happiness. They are my world now, which got an inch wider today with this

The pick was just perfect with a mix of classics and contemporary. The happiness of course continues till I finish them. So wake up and get set go. You and only you can bring yourself happiness. Remember.

Be happy and have a great weekend. See you tomorrow.


  1. Mam ur write up is indeed a truth.i guess each of one is aware of it but doesnt have the time to acknowledge this fact.loved ur words mam....

    1. Hey Carol m glad my words moved you. Stay happy, stay blessed.