Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 31. The Blog Marathon journey ends.

So a month long journey here comes to an end. The challenge of doing a Blog Marathon has been met successfully. It did actually put my writing to a grill and pulled me to my desk every day. Although there were days when it became just difficult to post a creative content, I am glad something did show up on the blog and definitely my readers pulled me through. So a huge thanks for doing that, specially the consistent ones. It would not have been possible without your support. Creativity cannot be bound in timeliness but had to do it at times when I met self made deadlines. All through the month I attempted offering a variety of writing, attempting different genres and it gave me an unbound kick. Ratings may or may not have implications but here comes the listings for the Blog Marathon.

Most widely read post was The Ill fated fated Rajdhani Express and Breakfast, the least. But I am hoping the latter will do better and its credentials are attributed to being a recent post. However my personal favourite in all were. (Sorry can't choose one)

The Rising of Ilaa (Illustrated in three parts). Catch it up here

And there should be some critcism too, so I think my worst attempt was the Love Blues series.

So those of you who could not catch up the action earlier, it gets all laid out for you. Will see you again soon with more action here on this space. Happy reading.


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