Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 20. The Inexplicable love

The incessant downpour of the previous night had transformed into occasional subtle drizzles. The swollen up street drainage had spilled over the excess water which made things muckier. But the atrocities of weather never became an excuse for Dhara to skip his morning walk, whether it was the treachery of heavy rainfall or the wrath of winter chill, Dhara along with Rocky, his sole companion, were out every morning at 6 to storm the known streets of Thoseghar. Rocky decided the route everyday and guided Dhara, crossing the waterfall to merge into bewilderment of soothing natural beauty. Thoseghar was a tiny hamlet with a small, close knit community. The place was frequented by tourists all throughout the year, but its unmatched beauty attracted more visitors during the monsoons. The lush green carpet with vividness and variance of colour shades made it look like a green parapet. At times tourists camped outdoors enjoying the calmness and serenity of the environs.

It was one of the mornings when Thoseghar bathed in the beauty of low lying clouds. Dhara could breathe in the mist and feel it on him. Generally they never took the route through the waterfall when it rained, but Dhara wanted to be there today and hear the deafening and roaring noises of the riot of gushing waters. The sound of water splashing on the rocks accentuated with the increasing volume as an aftermath of heavy rains. Dhara loved being near the waterfall then. The noise outside somehow overcame his inner voices and rejuvenated to take on rearing the life again. Today also, Dhara sat there until he was in unison with the sounds of nature.

They had started back when, they heard an earsplitting roar, as if the whole world was coming crashing down on them. Rocky sensed the inevitable and woofed Dhara to get away from the gorge. Dhara picked up his stick and started moving in the direction where Rocky was pulling him. Rocky with a better grip, was moving faster towards the road head, pulling his master with his full strength. But the way out was slushy and slippery. In an attempt to quickly move out of the place, it was getting difficult to hold on to the ground firmly and the pull was putting immense pressure on Rocky’s throat. There were noises of mayhem coming from the nearby village which made the things clearer to Dhara and he struggled harder to keep up with the pace of Rocky. He used his stick to take a firm grip of the ground and move up. Rocky’s ceaseless efforts made him choke and his changed voice made Dhara realize what the poor animal was going through. If anyone could save his life today was his friend, his fellow, his Rocky but if it continued a bit longer, Dhara was sure, he would put Rocky in danger. He left the rope and set Rocky free. Tears rolled down from the eyes of Rocky and he caught hold of the kurta of Dhara. The chai and tapri walas had already secured themselves near the safe zones. One of them saw the duo struggling their way out of the murderous gorge, but could not gather the courage to help them. They were not very far from the road head, but the merciless water was closing up fast. He feared of getting engulfed in the fast approaching death and decided to stay away from them.  It was a fight against time and every second counted. By now people saw the clambering dog and his man emerging from the broken ridge. The debri of the induced landslide had disrupted the way to the road head, but Rocky guided Dhara and together they made their way out of the life threatening valley. The people on the road head shouted and encouraged them for the final patch of the sloping land which was slowly going down with the debris.

Dhara was clueless where and in which direction was he moving, but it was his blind faith in Rocky which made him hopeful that he might survive. Rocky huffed his way and saved Dhara that day. The pain of a speechless dog which Dhara saw beyond the darkness of his own eyes speaks about the deep emotional bond between a man and his pet which can only be experienced and not explained. They both were the universe for each other.Own a pet and feel this connect.

This post has been written in response to Theme Thursday. Today's topic was Universe.

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