Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 13. Lipstick

Our arts teacher was famous for her choice of lipsticks and it was one of the most significant elements of her adornments. Colours splendidly defined her and majorly contained the vividness of her memories even today within me, much beyond the looks. Tomorrow is the school reunion and I am having a sleepless night as my excitement to see her has completely possessed my wild imagination, in fact I never slept well since that day. But now, in fact every year when I am here, there is no lady to be found emblazoned with the same signature vibrance and gloss. “There was a arts teacher once who charmed students with her enticing lipsticks but her vanity was short lived as one day she got targeted on a school reunion, by one of the students who killed her in an attempt to own her and later even hanged himself” someone said.

This post is written as part of this week's five sentence fiction for Lillie Mcferrin.

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