Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 3. Accomplish your desires with creative visualization.

Day 3 : Positive thinking with creative visualization

This morning I got up with an amazing vibrance which had continued from the last night. Its day 3 and I can already feel the energy kicking me to get down with the emotional outburst and write. Right now its inconsequential of any materialistic pleasure, my heart solely reverberates with the unbound happiness of doing what I feel passionate about, writing. So moving ahead with the blissful madness, today I talk about creative visualization and how to achieve it.

‘If you see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your own hand’
         -       The Secret by Rhonde Byrne

Life is a reflection of our thoughts. We receive what is transpired by our imagination. While we all know this, believing in the same doesn’t come easily. It is the power of the human mind which makes the thoughts supreme force behind what we receive in life. Law of attraction can be summed up as being the genesis of this theory and is based on creative visualization. It is nothing but our imagination fueled by strong thoughts. The way how it all functions has been reiterated in various studies and also quoted time and again by great legends.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
                                -        Albert Einstein

If we value and be grateful for what we have, it reflects abundance which in turns attracts more and more happiness. Our thoughts are nothing but a form of energy which is defined to be magnetic in nature. Whenever energy is exhibited, it draws similar form of energy, which can be either positive or negative. So simply speaking, if we are happy and desire more happiness, we attract the same and when sad and down with negative thinking, get laden with more unhappiness. The choice is all ours about how we want to feel and what we desire to achieve. I have come across few great books which help you practice positive thinking through specific affirmations and techniques. ‘Creative Visualization’ by Shakti Gawain, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonde Byrne and the ‘You can heal’ series by Louise L Hay, is to name a few. However, there is a difference of opinion in the first two books where the first one says creative visualization works for only good, but ‘The secret’ says even the negative thoughts also attract more negativity in life. Here are a few basic techniques which will help you accomplish the most coveted of your desires through creative visualization. But for further readings I suggest the above books.

1.         Realize your dreams. For once when you have a clear goal in front of you, the energy and efforts can be driven in the correct direction. It is better commanded with penning down your desires in a small handbook. Listed in bullet points you can give a definite shape to your dreams and fantasies. While the creative imagination of your wish list as achieved will fill your being with colorful exactness, you dream of situations and events where you enjoy the exhilaration from the fulfillment of your desires. Try to write your deep desires and imagine yourself to be part of such scenes which will give more power to your thoughts and thus help the universe to manifest them for you.

2.        Clearing of negative thoughts and blocks. Any emotion which becomes an obstruction in the flow of positive energy is called a block. While a conscious effort is required to remove it from our system, it gets difficult at times to identify these repulsive energies. But a beautiful exercise told by Shakti Gawain mentioned in his book helps in digging out the same from our subconscious self. Write on a piece of paper the reason for which you think the desired cannot be achieved. This simple process will flush out both known and unknown blocks in front you. This can be a bit draining out exercise for it brings you face to face with your fears and weaknesses and then release them. Acceptance of your dark side will help you release them with positive affirmations. In the 'You can heal' book of Louise L Hay, she has listed out positive affirmations for every practical situation. 

3.               Another technique which transpires the manifestation of the desires is crafting of treasure maps. As the name suggests, it is a pictorial representation of the fulfillment of your dreams. It is in the form of a drawing that you create a scene of your future and place yourself in the accomplishment of the same. Now this doesn't mean that if you don't have an artistic hand, you can not do it. A treasure map can be as sketchy as a kid's drawing. Only the message has to be communicated to the universe.

So lets us unleash the secret and achieve the unthinkable with the power of our positive thoughts of our creative visualization. There are many natural healing therapies prevalent in the world, but the basis of healing is to release, forgive and move ahead with a new life. Each day is new and brings out new hopes. We have to be cautious with creating a better space for our living with positive thoughts and attain happiness of fulfillment through creative visualization. Covering the vastness of the topic is not justifiable in a small blog but if this has moved you a single bit, go ahead and discover the secret of success in the above mentioned books. Till then, happy reading. Live, love and stay happy.

Yes, certainly. Anything is possible. Just believe in yourself.


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    The self help genre is a good try.👍

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  3. Was trying to get a slice of Ila. Seems there was a 'block' in penning down her story......
    The moment the block is identified, do you really need to write it down in a piece of paper? It can be flushed out of the system just like that.
    A nice try with the genre.

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