Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 11. The Morning Kickbox - Part II

Godbole and Joshi got up late. Their usual morning walk was called off without any discussion as they were still feeling groggy after their misadventure in the party last evening. Joshi and Godbole were not regular drinkers, but when the company is as interesting and alluring as Leena, nobody would have minded and then it was the New Year eve.

The party was organized for the society members on New Year’s eve. The inseparable GodJo duo was hanging out together meeting up their other morning companions. They had made up their minds to have a drink or two and enjoy on the dance floor. The society was 5 years old, but this was the first time a new year party has been organized for its inmates. GodJo went near the bar where it was almost captured by the young boys and girls of the society and it seemed difficult to get a drink. While they waited for a possible chance, Leena daughter of Katarias sighted them.

“Uncle, do you need a drink?”

“Oh yes dear, if you don’t mind.” Godbole spoke visibly upset over being addressed as uncle.

“Oh C’mon uncle, what’s there to mind in this? It is New year’s eve, and it calls for a celebration. What’s your poison?” said a quirky Leena.

“Poison?” Spoke a shaken Joshi.

“I mean your drink. What are you on?” clarified Leena. “I mean what are you drinking?” further explanation came almost immediately as she saw Joshi’s eye getting widened.

“We haven’t started yet, ” said Joshi.

“Alright then. What would you like to have?”

“We will have whisky.” There was a devouring twinkle in the eyes of GodJo.
Leena got them two glasses of whisky.

“If you don’t mind, can I sit with you? I don’t have a company tonight.” Leena said while sipping her lemon soda.

“C’mon. What’s there to mind in this. It is New year’s eve, and it calls for a celebration. The more the merrier.” Godbole giggled showing his distorted denture.

The trio sat on the furthermost corner of the garden as in the other places, the seats were all occupied. The evening looked alive and gay. GodJo felt light as whisky circulated in their system and took over their senses tardily. Their first drink finished in no time and they were good to go for another one.

“Leena can you get us another drink? This time Rum.” Godbole.

“Yes, I will also have Rum. I have heard it tastes better with coke.”  Joshi.

“Sure uncle. But we should never mix our drinks!” suggested Leena.

“Oh! You don’t worry about that. We can handle that. We don’t drink every day and today we want to enjoy the party. Please get us some Rum.”

Leena could envision GodJo going out of control. She handed them their desired drink and excused herself. The duo quickly gulped down their second drink too, and headed towards the bar again. High in their spirits they stormed the bar and ordered their next drink. They drank and drank until their heads were spinning badly. Clearly, they didn’t know how to drink forget about doing that gently. The music on the dance floor was catching up and the gyrating duo hit the dance floor. Together they swayed their hands and hips.



They made sounds of all kinds and ran through the dance floor with open arms like a kid. They could not even stand firmly so an attempt at dancing laid mayhem in the crowd. GodJo kept falling here and there and finally crashed. Their countless mixed drinks wretched them completely. They were later transported to their respective houses by their neighbours.

The next day.

“Godbole, I told you not to drink so much, but you won’t listen.”

“Abe Joshi!  Who started mixing drinks? Who wanted rum with coke? Poor Leena kept telling uncle please don’t, but you won’t listen”

And the argument continued….

Writing something humourous is the toughest task for me. But as this month is all about taking challenges, I took one. 

This post is written for Topic 77 of Indispire.  

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