Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - 07

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Spread your wings - Daze diva
Cloud messenger - Indrani
Wait up! Don't leave me behind - Sreesha Divakaran
Wisps in the wind - NC Sue

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Michelle’s world collapsed when her day started with the news of her dad’s accident. He was critical. His doomed journey was to San Diego to see his daughter. Michelle was up earlier than usual in excitement to see her dad who would be with her any moment. But here she was sitting at the cafĂ©, down the road waiting for her cab to arrive. Restlessly she searched for the hotels near the hospital where her dad struggled for his life. Her dried emotions made her look pale and oblivious to the world around her. Little did she notice that her gleam behind the glass, where reflection of the two lives merged, made a perfect click for a photographer. 

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - 06

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Indrani : Stone flower
Ila : Burst

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, September 12, 2015

When dreams won't let you sleep

One certainly needs to be the destiny’s child to have a smooth sail over the tumultuous facets of life, which I never was and to increase the severities, I received no emotional back up from the home front. But I guess, the tougher things get for me every time, stronger it makes me and yes more determined which transforms it into a battle with life. Life which keeps presenting hurdles to pin me down but I keep moving ahead in pursuit of my dreams. It happens always, only sometimes the tussles are short lived and at times they continue with difficulties at each step but one thing is common, all my dreams have made me struggle. The more I struggle, the sweeter the achievement becomes. At times my deep inner self questions my being for being so different, but I proudly rub it off, for being uncommon I have always loved and this is the story of one such offbeat chase which shaped me for my entire life, in fact became my way of life thereafter.

Being in uniform had always been a fantasy, but it took the shape of an intense desire when I wore it for the first time during my NCC days. At home, indulgence into any non academic activity was always discouraged but this one received a nod due to the various career benefits it offered to a ‘C’ certificate holder. But when I bagged the opportunity to represent my state in the RD parade camp in New Delhi, it wasn’t that easy. The age old formula worked even this time when my instructors and friends managed convincing my parents. It was a different flight altogether which livened up my dreams. My first real life encounter with the men in olive greens accentuated the madness which was much beyond the charm of the uniform. And I came home with a dream embedded in me, to be an Army officer.

There are dreams which won’t let you sleep and this one entirely took it from me. The obsession had possessed me but it required courage to leave a cushioned and well laid out life to the rigours of becoming a soldier. I was doing my post graduation in computer application, working part-time as a computer instructor, pursuing the DOEACC ‘A’ certification course and in between sneaking out time for another passion of mine, dancing. Life was moving on a perfectly designed schedule when I realized that this is not where I belong to. My secret desire had transformed into my fixation after my exposure to the army life in RD camp but somehow could not gather enough strength to announce it to my folks at home. I had always made choices which were different from others but this one surely was the biggest of them all. But I was not able to give up on it and it started affecting my performance in the studies and work, both. I secretly filled in the application for the Short Service Commission for women officers but couldn’t keep it under wraps for a long time as finally I had to go to face the SSB (Service Selection Board). Boys were known to opt for the life of an Army man but for girls it still was a ‘hush hush’ affair. This was a battle which I had to fight alone and when I broke the news at home, surprisingly the response was quite unexpected. My father believed that I will never be able to clear SSB and my aspiration will die its own natural death as all the known boys from friends and family came back home on the very first day of the board, not being able to clear even the screening. A similar fate was expected for me but I stunned everybody by managing a clear win the first day. There was inexplicable silence on the phone when I announced that I will be staying for the interview, a little longer. And thereafter the grilling session for the next few days which judged us on the various psychological, analytical and behavioural aspects was a learning experience in itself as it helped me to know myself in many unexplored ways. It sealed my life forever, and by the end of it I was sure of my decision but the result was yet to be out. On the result day, some hundred plus of us were seated in a hall where the judgment was to be declared. I was shaking with nervousness and counting all religious names. Four chest numbers were announced, my heart was racing with supersonic speed, hoping for a miracle as what we heard that generally four were selected in a batch and the mike creaked with one more which was not mine. By this time I had edged on the brink of the chair and with the last name shook my head. I didn’t have the courage to look around and see the officers moving out after declaring the results and then I heard, “The last one to make it in this batch is”. The number was announced but as if my ears were numb and refused to hear when the officer repeated the number as no one stood after the first calling out. The girl sitting ahead of me turned back and shook my desk, “Hello, your number is being called, stand up”. “Yes” I shouted and stood there confirming my details as the officer called them out one by one. Tears rolled down my eyes and I stood there still in the most pleasant surprise ever. Six selections in one batch! I couldn't believe it. Some girls were crying because they had not made it but mine were tears of happiness. My biggest dream had come true but even a bigger task at hand was to break the news at home. I was selected but there were choices to be made which would have lead me to different directions altogether and I did make one by opting to don the olive greens and make it the colour of my life in the days to come. I did choose to live my dream for next ten years which undoubtedly remain as the best decade of my life.

Home front? Oh! That was even a bigger success as my parents became so proud of me on clearing the SSB. No one from my family had ever been able to do that and in fact there were men in junior ranks but beginning of officer cadre was going to be marked by me. By the time I reached home, my success story had been flaunted all over the clan. If you desire something deeply, the universe conspires to make it happen. In my case, my family, my universe came around to join me in my most glorified win.

Me with my parents on the day of commissioning. A proud moment indeed. 

This post has been written for the Week end prompt of Blogadda. ‘I was inspired to follow my dreams’ 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - 05

The past one week has been quite exciting. Starting up this month with a wordless wednesday but hoping more blogging ahead. I invite your love for this post in form of priceless words. Give a name to this frame.

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And they said,

Indrani - Swaying devotion
Noopur - Beautiful
Anirban - Masquerade

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 31. The Blog Marathon journey ends.

So a month long journey here comes to an end. The challenge of doing a Blog Marathon has been met successfully. It did actually put my writing to a grill and pulled me to my desk every day. Although there were days when it became just difficult to post a creative content, I am glad something did show up on the blog and definitely my readers pulled me through. So a huge thanks for doing that, specially the consistent ones. It would not have been possible without your support. Creativity cannot be bound in timeliness but had to do it at times when I met self made deadlines. All through the month I attempted offering a variety of writing, attempting different genres and it gave me an unbound kick. Ratings may or may not have implications but here comes the listings for the Blog Marathon.

Most widely read post was The Ill fated fated Rajdhani Express and Breakfast, the least. But I am hoping the latter will do better and its credentials are attributed to being a recent post. However my personal favourite in all were. (Sorry can't choose one)

The Rising of Ilaa (Illustrated in three parts). Catch it up here

And there should be some critcism too, so I think my worst attempt was the Love Blues series.

So those of you who could not catch up the action earlier, it gets all laid out for you. Will see you again soon with more action here on this space. Happy reading.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 30. Connections.

The mystic beauty of hills gets accentuated when they are vieled upon by fog. Sometimes thick enough to not let you go and sometimes alluring to take a walk through. I love the latter and with a gentle sprinkle of drizzle falling on my face, the ecstasy knows no bound. Such a heavenly weather has always pulled me to my most frequented place in Dalhousie. The old coffee shop which overlooks the valley, offering myriad seen, unseen dreams.  Every minute the hills achieve unattained ravishing artistry of nature with one surpassing the other. 

On one of such days when I sat at the cornermost bench after offering my usual expresso, my hands automatically slipped into the bag which I always carried outddoors and drew the small sketching book. While I was contemplating my frame for today's display of the mother nature, my attention drew towards the beautiful girl sitting adjacent to my space. Her eyes overflowed with an elated vehemence and with a furor of racing thoughts, her delicate hands moved perpetually on a small piece of paper as if they were in a hurry to soak up her heart and mind. My coffee came but as the waiter laid it on my table I disapproved what he delievered. "I had ordered an espresso and not cappuccino." I was loud enough to disdurb the much engrossed next table girl and she shifted her gaze to the cup of coffee served in front of her. "I think he mixed the orders. That what you have is my preference and this is your espresso." She pointed towards the cup infront of her. "Sorry sir. Both the orders were almost placed simultaneously so I got confused." The waiter immediately swapped the two cups. "Shit." The disgust over her broken pencil disturbed the solemnity of her look. My eagerness got a breakthrough and I offered her another one from my bag as I carried them in all varities in the small pandora box. 

"Have one, but if I may get a bit personal what are you rapt in?" 

She once again looked at me and placidly smiled. Her lips opened and poised with a deep tranquility. "I am a writer and am trying to capture the moment in my words."

"So glad to meet you. I am also an artist and seize life differently, on my canvas. While you attain your pleasures, if you permit, may I include you in mine? Can I draw your portrait?"

Ada agreed with some reluctance giving me my best portait being the damsel of the creation and later on being the one in my life. 

This post is written in response to the WOW prompt at blogadda this week. A post to weave a story around the words 'Coffee Shop, Broken Pencil and Writer'.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 28. Love blues - Part 5

The racing footsteps halted hearing the painful cry.

“Someone has got trapped again. We will have to try and help.” Abhi surprised Smita. He was engulfed in anger this time and wanted to engage in the battle of death.

“What are you saying Abhi? This is no adventure. We should focus on escaping and not indulging. And all this is so dangerous. So many lives have been claimed. You can’t do this.”

“Relax Smita. Just let me try once. I will not go near the bushes and remember they can’t reach out to me if I am at a safe distance.” Abhi was looking confident. “I have a plan.” Everybody looked at him in suspicion but he quickly moved towards his bike and took out the petrol in the bottle that he carried in his bag.

“Does anyone have a match box or lighter?” Abhi had a spark in his eyes.

“Yes I have.” Raju handed over the match box to Abhi and they all continued in the direction where the cry was heard. Walking barely for a minute, they were standing in front of the horrifying view where a man was struggling to get away from the devilish branches. The tip of the branch inserted deep into the legs of the man as it drew the life out of him. Abhi quickly started pouring the fuel on the branches. Maintaining a safe distance he threw the petrol all around the bush. His heart raced as he passed the burning stick towards the beast. All eyes were on the lighted match stick as it flew from the hands of Abhi towards the bush in front. As the match stick hit the fuel soaked branch, the man was thrown and he went flying to hit the trunk of one of tree, before crashing down. Abhi and Shailesh ran towards him while others watched the giant branches twisting and turning in the air. It took few minutes for the beastly bush to fall into the perils of its own end.

“Thanks Abhi. You not only saved the life of this poor man but also gave us the way to tackle this horrendous beast. Now I will recommend putting the entire forest on fire to rule out any remains of such disastrous thing here” Said Shailesh. “But what were you two doing over here in such a deserted place?”

Abhi and Smita looked towards each other. The events leading to this day reeled into their minds but they chose to keep silent about it. Contemplating the possible reason of their venture, Shailesh also passed a smirk.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 27. Love Blues - Part 4

You might like to read the earlier Parts here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

“Oh No. not again!” said one of them. “Raju, you stay here with them and rest of you, come along. We don’t have time to waste.” Leaving one behind rest of them rushed in the direction of the sound.

“What is all this? What’s wrong?” asked Abhi.

“Hmm” Raju sighed and spoke. “Nandan van is co located with the zoo but it neither comes under the jurisdiction of the forest department nor the zoo. That’s the reason why this place is so neglected. About a month back a group of three college going boys were reported missing in this area after which the search has been on. Last week two police constables came to Nandan van in search of the boys but they also went missing. When another search party came here, it was then that this beastly thing here came to notice.”

“Beastly!” Smita almost shouted with fear.

“Yes. There is a strange, God awful growth of bushes which has spread here or may be was always here which if you happened to touch or pass through, pierces into victim’s body and draws all the blood only to leave back the lifeless remains. These bushes are spotted at many corners of this forest. They have just multiplied and are everywhere.” Raju was trembling as he spoke about the secret of the deaths reported in Nandan van.

“Then why don’t you cut them all?” Abhi spoke after absorbing the truth.

“No one knew about them and therefore could not identify them. It was only today when one of the police constable reported back after escaping from this death ground that we could come here to try cutting them. But” Raju stopped.

“But what? Why that could not be done?” Smita was terribly scared and was sticking to Abhi.

“But these bushes can move.” Said a wide eyed Raju.

“What crap!” Abhi dismissed the whole story.

“Yes they can move and once they touch their prey, they don’t leave him, till they suck all the blood out. After that they multiply in their size and spread around more. Beni, whose cry you heard was trying to cut the bushes along with Kishori. The bushes moved their branches and encircled Kishori. And at the same time you people started running towards us. We ran to move out of the place and also to stop you from nearing any such bush. But we did’nt realize that Beni has been left behind.” Raju had tears in his eyes.

There was a deadly silence in the forest. Smita was sobbing at their misfortune for having stuck in a deadly place.

“Okay. Look, we are very sorry to hear all this but after we know about all this, can we move out from here. As it is we cannot be of any help to you.” Abhi was hoping a breakthrough here but before Raju could say anything, the men were heard to be nearing back.

“What happened, Shailesh babu?” Where is Beni?” asked Raju.

“We don’t have time for anything right now. We have to escape from here before it gets dark. Now we know that these bushes cannot attack. You will get stuck only when you touch them or get too close to them. We have to move out as soon as possible and get back tomorrow with more force. We will move out together so that no one is left behind.” Shailesh was confident of the escape plan and they all started moving in the direction led by him.

“But my bike is there.” Abhi pointed in opposite direction. “And we didn’t find anything suspicious that side. I think we all should move out from there.”

“No that’s the farther end and from here we will hit the highway faster.”

“But near the highway the forest is very thick. What, if we encounter those bushes that side?” Abhi was quite perplexed.

“You are right. Let us move out from there.” Shailesh pointed in the direction of the bike which pumped some confidence in Abhi as that way was known to him. Soon they were speeding out of the Nandan van. They were approaching the bike when there was another cry which echoed the forest.

“Help.” Someone was heard shouting...

Would love to see you back for the concluding Part of 'Love Blues'.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 26. Wordless Wednesday - 04

With one tooth down, this day is turning out to be actually wordless for me. My biggest nightmare was booked for today as I could have escaped with a wordless wednesday. Just back from a tooth extraction ceremony here comes this week's wordless post before pain emerges back conquering its killers. Would love your contributions for this week's picture post.

Last week's post 

Deb Nance said "Scarecrow"

Day 25. Love Blues - Part 3

Catch up the earlier action on Part I, Part II of Love Blues.

For a second Abhi got confused if they were running in the correct direction, but then as he caught the first glimpse of his bike he was taken aback. There were two middle aged men in discussion standing near the bike and they had weapons. Abhi and Smita got immediately noticed as their frantic running on the dry leaves announced them coming. The two men coursed towards them as if they were waiting for the owners to come back. Abhi realized that they were in double trouble or maybe the two were related. He changed his direction and headed towards the other end of the forest which faced the highway.

“Stop. Just Stop.” The chasers shouted. But Abhi and Smita won’t stop.

Abhi was already cursing himself for this self inflicted misadventure and that too on his birthday. It was already mid afternoon. He had to be back home before 5 for the family celebrations before he took his friends out. He still had some time, but managing out safely from this place was getting questionable now. Smita had bunked her college to be here and soon she would be expected to be home. But here she was struggling with Abhi to ejaculate from this place. They were frantically running, but the end did not seem to be nearing. The number of the chasers had increased. They might have been joined by the earlier gang, Abhi thought.

“Stop. Don’t run in that direction.” One of them screamed. He had a horrifying tone in his shrieking voice. Smita was totally exhausted by now and pulling her, even Abhi was losing on the speed. He knew if they don’t hit the highway in another 2-3 minutes, it will be too late. The trees grew in no particular array which made Abhi run crisscross at times to make his way out and with roots peeping out of the ground in between, the hurdles increased. And in one of such roots, Smita’s foot got entangled.

“Oh Shit!” cried Abhi.

“Aah!” moaned Smita as she tried to stand. She had twisted her leg badly. And while their attempts fizzled out, they were soon joined by their pursuers.

“Hey, you! What are you doing here in this jungle?” asked one of the men who was standing near Abhi’s bike. There were four of them. Two of them carried guns while the one of other possessed an axe who was shabbily dressed and looked like a labourer. The other two clad in jeans and shirt appeared to be in dominance of the act.

“Don’t you know it is illegal to be here?” screamed the other one, still catching up on his breath.

“If it is illegal what are you doing here? You are wood thieves right? Cutting trees here illegally.” Abhi somehow gathered strength to speak.

“Thieves? We are not thieves you stupid boy. We are from forest department, but right now, we all don’t have much time. We will have to finish the work fast and move out so that we all are out of trouble. And we already wasted enough time chasing you.” Said one of them in a disgusted  tone.

“Trouble? What trouble” Smita’s cheek got wet with a fresh flow of tears.

“Yes, trouble. Don’t you read the newspaper? This forest has witnessed 5 horrendous deaths in the past one week. There has been...”

“Help! Raju, Ramya” there was a loud wailing sound which echoed the forest and interrupted the men. 

Please return to this space on Day 27 for the concluding part of Love Blues.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 24. Love blues - Part 2

Friends I shared the recent add-on in my book list. So the first one in my hands is Geetanjali, and I can’t help but share the musings of this effervescent collection. Will bring you some of my favourites from the masterpiece in my blogs here. This one is for this day.

BY ALL MEANS they try to hold me secure who love me in this world. But it is otherwise with thy love which is greater than theirs, and thou keepest me free.
Lest I forget them they never venture to leave me alone. But day passes by after day and thou art not seen.
If I call not thee in my prayers, if I keep not thee in my heart, thy love for me still waits for my love.

Catch up on the succeeding action on Love blues.  You can catch up with the first part of the story here.

It was a pleasant day. With the onset of winter, there was a sweet chill in the morning and evenings, but this time of the day was just perfect for a venture like this. Actually being there in the present situation was no less than an adventure for Smita. There were mixed feelings. Excitement veiled under shyness of the unforeseen and at the same she dreaded being in a godforsaken place like this. The forest was thick at places which allowed minimum penetration of sun. Abhi placed the bike and they walked further inside. They walked hand in hand. Smita felt inexplicable warmth in his touch today and she could feel herself mellowing down in the elysian togetherness. None of them spoke, but Smita awaited him speak. Abhi signaled to stop and they both stood with their back resting against an old mahogany delight. He broke the quietness of the nature only to tell Smita to hear the sounds of desolation. They stood there amidst the chirping of wild birds and quiet tyranny of the forest. This was turning out to be an unpredictable day for Smita. Before she could put her mind to rest and surrender to the mystic beauty around, she heard someone nearing. The dry leaves on the ground rustled to give way to their intruder. Abhi comforted Smita and they pored on to the coming sound. Certainly someone was drawing close, but who could it be.
Abhi, someone is coming. Let us move out of this place. This is getting scary now.”

“Scary! Why? What wrong have we done?”

“Abhi, trespassing in this area is illegal. Didn’t you notice the board where we entered Nandan van?”

“Yes, I did, but the other person is also an intruder in that case. Don’t worry. I am there. Lets see who is it, before surrendering to our fears.” Abhi hushed.

They waited, but the noise stopped at a distance. No one was seen, but soon the sound changed to occasional thud like someone trying to cut something. And then it intensified coupled with the groaning of someone.

“Someone is trying to cut tree here. I will have to stop them.” Reared Abhi.

“Abhi don’t be stupid. If they are thieves, they will be well equipped and expectedly more in number. This can be risky. Let us not indulge in all this and make a move out.” Muttered Smita. But before Abhi could speak anything, the noise stopped only to be replaced with the careful crushing sound of leaves.

“They are coming here.” Smita was in tears. “Let us rush towards the bike so that in case of any trouble we are safely out of this place. And if they still come after us, we can confront them there also.”

“Yes, you are right, ” said Abhi and soon they were speeding towards the bike. They could hear people coming after them .Abhi held Smita’s hand and pulled her as he ran with his entire strength, but he knew very soon their chasers would get them. Only he wished to hit the bike before that.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 23. Reminiscing the by gone times.

It seems like an era has passed by. One day in an year which makes me acknowledge the changing phases of life is Rakshabandhan. Every year it brings back the pain of separation from my brothers with whom I have grown up and shared those innocent and sinless years. The ingenuous life that we had, was completely guilt-free and saw our free spirits in true sense. When I look back and see, I remember that life did not race then as it does now. It shaped our inner self with subtle but enriching playfulness which alone was copious and unfathomable. Those initial years of our life which we spend in the company of our siblings are the moments which lay deep in us and are a source of indelible warmth and comfort. Sometimes I wonder whether my kids are getting touched upon the pleasures of those subtle feelings or not? Feelings which have the strong capability to shape once's emotional  demeanor. I at times feel like slowing the stride of the fast treading life for my kids so that they enjoy their childhood to the fullest and absorb the splendid extravaganza of these times. 

For me, the online shopping of Rakhi is just done which brings back the nostalgia of spending the festival together with my brothers. Although I send my pleasantries in the virtual world, the emotions attached are as real as they can be. This festival of love reminisces the by gone times and deep in those thoughts I express.

Wish you all a very happy Rakshabandhan too. Stay connected, stay blessed.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 22. Create Your Happiness.

This is not just a quote, I shared it here because I believe in it. Our happiness is our provincial pursuit and to be or not to be is completely our decision which majorly depends upon how we see our life and its blessings. If we appreciate what we have in life, we value them and certainly be happy about it which, as I said before, attracts more and more happiness in return. But beyond our possessions, there is something which brings us happiness. These are the facets of life which brings inexplicable pleasure. The more you indulge, the more happiness you create for yourself. Happiness comes in many forms. It can be as simple as listening to your choice of music, letting yourself loose tapping your feat, cooking, nurturing the nature in the form of gardening or just taking a stroll in the limiting sun. What works out for you, that you have to know for yourself and strive to create those perfect moments. So don't sit back and wait for happiness to touch you, get up and create it for yourself.

While, you find out what brings you happiness, here is what does to me. Books are my first love, seconded by dance, workouts, games, travelling, watching movies, singing (at times), and the list goes on. On a perfect day I would love to grab a book and get engulfed in its world, undivided. Today I created my happiness by shopping for my new collection of books. I picked up reading a few years ago and now I feel how much unlucky I have been in my life for being away from this pleasure for so long. But better late then never. So whenever I buy it is mostly a mix of old and new books. Have a look at what my world of books looks like

I feel like a new kid on the block while sharing this, but this is just a beginning and the newly found love is raring to conquer new heights. And yes, it brings me happiness. They are my world now, which got an inch wider today with this

The pick was just perfect with a mix of classics and contemporary. The happiness of course continues till I finish them. So wake up and get set go. You and only you can bring yourself happiness. Remember.

Be happy and have a great weekend. See you tomorrow.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 21. Love blues

It has been almost half an hour, Smita and Abhi stood there amidst the chirping of wild birds and quiet tyranny of the forest. Not a forest exactly, but marooned from the disturbing noises of civilization, this place was  on the city outskirts. Smita and Abhi were going around with each other for six months now. They went to the same mathematics classes. Gliding into their late teens, this phase of life was the most beautiful one for them. Abhi was a tall and athletic guy who was always brimming with vernal energy. His irresistible looks accentuated with his infectious smile, made him desirable and the girls envied Smita. Cupid struck Smita at first sight of his charming prince as Abhi had it all. Conscious of his good looks, Abhi rested his meandering self in the comforts of Smita. But there was something amiss which made Smita restless at times. Smita was truly madly in love. Whatever occupied her, but Abhi seemed to be always on his mind. Her friends said, “Smita you have completely blinded yourself in the love of Abhi so much that you have turned oblivion to the life around you.” But nothing would affect her. She continued to be in the state of obsession, but whether Abhi felt that way too, she used to think at times.

It was Abhi’s birthday and he had chosen this place for some undisturbed time with Smita. He had asked Smita what would she gift him on his birthday.

“What do you want? Tell me Abhi.”

“Not now. Will ask on the  day itself.”

“But what if I am not able to. I mean give me some reaction time.”

“You don’t worry about that. You will be able to.”

The thrill in Abhi’s voice was obtrusive and made Smita think of those intangible pleasures. Past six months, the philia had brought their hearts closer, but they had not furthered from occasional holding of hands. ‘So what could it be?’ Smita had sleepless nights thinking about it. She asked her friends who were in relationships, but the answer varied.  Everybody had their own share of experiences and further confused Smita and she decided to let it go.

“Where are we going?” Asked a visibly nervous Smita.

“If you trust me, just relax and enjoy.” 

Abhi kick started his bike and soon they were speeding towards Nandan van, a small thick green patch on the outskirts of the city. It was adjacent to the city zoo and therefore an abandoned place which had reported occasional spotting of wild boar and fox at times. When Abhi went off road and started moving near Nandan van, Smita got surprised. She did not want to upset Abhi so kept quiet but her mind was racing to find a possible reason for their movement towards the bewilderment. Soon they crossed the board of Nandan van. Trespassing in the area was illegal, it said. Driving for around 10 min inside the forest, Abhi stopped his bike.

Catch up the space for sequel soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 20. The Inexplicable love

The incessant downpour of the previous night had transformed into occasional subtle drizzles. The swollen up street drainage had spilled over the excess water which made things muckier. But the atrocities of weather never became an excuse for Dhara to skip his morning walk, whether it was the treachery of heavy rainfall or the wrath of winter chill, Dhara along with Rocky, his sole companion, were out every morning at 6 to storm the known streets of Thoseghar. Rocky decided the route everyday and guided Dhara, crossing the waterfall to merge into bewilderment of soothing natural beauty. Thoseghar was a tiny hamlet with a small, close knit community. The place was frequented by tourists all throughout the year, but its unmatched beauty attracted more visitors during the monsoons. The lush green carpet with vividness and variance of colour shades made it look like a green parapet. At times tourists camped outdoors enjoying the calmness and serenity of the environs.

It was one of the mornings when Thoseghar bathed in the beauty of low lying clouds. Dhara could breathe in the mist and feel it on him. Generally they never took the route through the waterfall when it rained, but Dhara wanted to be there today and hear the deafening and roaring noises of the riot of gushing waters. The sound of water splashing on the rocks accentuated with the increasing volume as an aftermath of heavy rains. Dhara loved being near the waterfall then. The noise outside somehow overcame his inner voices and rejuvenated to take on rearing the life again. Today also, Dhara sat there until he was in unison with the sounds of nature.

They had started back when, they heard an earsplitting roar, as if the whole world was coming crashing down on them. Rocky sensed the inevitable and woofed Dhara to get away from the gorge. Dhara picked up his stick and started moving in the direction where Rocky was pulling him. Rocky with a better grip, was moving faster towards the road head, pulling his master with his full strength. But the way out was slushy and slippery. In an attempt to quickly move out of the place, it was getting difficult to hold on to the ground firmly and the pull was putting immense pressure on Rocky’s throat. There were noises of mayhem coming from the nearby village which made the things clearer to Dhara and he struggled harder to keep up with the pace of Rocky. He used his stick to take a firm grip of the ground and move up. Rocky’s ceaseless efforts made him choke and his changed voice made Dhara realize what the poor animal was going through. If anyone could save his life today was his friend, his fellow, his Rocky but if it continued a bit longer, Dhara was sure, he would put Rocky in danger. He left the rope and set Rocky free. Tears rolled down from the eyes of Rocky and he caught hold of the kurta of Dhara. The chai and tapri walas had already secured themselves near the safe zones. One of them saw the duo struggling their way out of the murderous gorge, but could not gather the courage to help them. They were not very far from the road head, but the merciless water was closing up fast. He feared of getting engulfed in the fast approaching death and decided to stay away from them.  It was a fight against time and every second counted. By now people saw the clambering dog and his man emerging from the broken ridge. The debri of the induced landslide had disrupted the way to the road head, but Rocky guided Dhara and together they made their way out of the life threatening valley. The people on the road head shouted and encouraged them for the final patch of the sloping land which was slowly going down with the debris.

Dhara was clueless where and in which direction was he moving, but it was his blind faith in Rocky which made him hopeful that he might survive. Rocky huffed his way and saved Dhara that day. The pain of a speechless dog which Dhara saw beyond the darkness of his own eyes speaks about the deep emotional bond between a man and his pet which can only be experienced and not explained. They both were the universe for each other.Own a pet and feel this connect.

This post has been written in response to Theme Thursday. Today's topic was Universe.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 19. Wordless Wednesday - 03

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Anirban: Brume(Thanks for introducing a new word)

NC Sue: I love the detail in nature!

I say: A walk through heaven

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 18. Just a small quirky conversation.

My evenings are mostly the same. Every day around six in the evening we get ready, I mean, me and Vihaan my seven year old cute Li’l brat, and go to our society park. Evenings are the best hours of the day in Devlali. I love the gentle and refreshing breeze which touches the body and soul as well to rejuvenate it to the core. The fresh and pure air unwinds me completely and invigorates for fighting the battles of remaining part of the day. Undoubtedly, this routine is something which both, me and Vihaan look forward to. The kids chirping and hopping like excited atoms pass on their energy even to the onlookers.

At times me and Vihaan indulge in academic talks when he finds something intriguing enough in the park to have a connect with his school curriculum. It was turning out to be an evening of the sorts. We just did the chapter on cultural diversities in India, in EVS (Environmental Studies).

Vihaan: Mom, see that new boy in the park. He looks like the one shown in the book.

Me: Yes, Vihaan. He is a Sikh boy.

Vihaan: Mom, they pray in gurudwaras right?

Me: Yes Vihaan.

Vihaan: Mom this one I remember because they look different, but for the others, it is so difficult.

Me: Baby, there are four major religions. Hindus who go to temple, Muslims in mosques, Sikhs in gurudwaras and Christians in church.

Vihaan: But there are others too right? All this is so confusing. Why can’t they all go to one place and pray. God is everywhere you said.

Me: Sweetheart it is not that easy. They are from different religions and don’t have same Gods.

Vihaan: So why God has to be different. You said God is one, now you are saying he is different for everyone. If we all are same then why our Gods are not? Let there be one God and one place of prayer so that there is no confusion.

Me: Vihaan God is, but one dear. How should I make you understand! You will know for yourself when you grow old.

Vihaan: If it had to be learned later then why is it in our chapter right now? I guess your concepts are still not clear mom. But as I see it, it is difficult to make out who is who, then why complicate things so much ma.

Me: Yeah, I guess my concepts are not clear. I wish things could be as simple as you said for everybody.