Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Celebrating the 20K

Hi friends. I haven’t actually blogged this year. Life still continues to be a roller coaster ride. I have been busy doing a lot of varied things this year and have some big plans for the rest of the year as well (the major in this list is my annual half marathon and the preparations are in full swing). I wrote some long short stories, have been writing for the web, did an online workshop to unleash the artist within, experimented with other forms of art, did a few artist dates with myself, got into writing the daily journal and now have been struggling with the status of a forced single mother of two cute brats. I kept planning and postponing a blogathon all this while to kick myself writing here, never realizing that the year is just slipping by. I was almost sure that if I am not writing, obviously there is no one reading the pages here but to my surprise, the viewership on the blog has been consistent with few major peaks as well. This is a special gratitude post for all my silent and anonymous readers who have been dedicatedly showing on my turf.

So why am I writing today? Because I returned after a long time only to be pleasantly surprised that the page view of my blog has crossed another milestone. It feels special today because although at very slow pace but my blog has touched the 20K mark. A BIG THANK YOU to all my readers till date who have helped me achieve this feat. Getting into the blogging world opened new paradigm of life for me and the journey has been splendid. I haven’t written much but have been reading a lot. 68 posts in a span of 3 years is not a good score but I enjoyed connecting with other fellas in the blogging world which was entirely new to me. I got introduced to blogging because I stumbled upon ‘Life is what you make it’ by Preeti Shenoy and got absolutely smitten by the author, her writing style which kept me hooked on till the end of the book and her attitude towards life. Visiting her blog every morning became a part of my life which is when I was drawn towards this entire world of blogging. I started following more blogs and as I always had a little writer inside me too, I donned this new identity in my life. I was going through a rough patch in my life when I started writing here and it did help tremendously in overcoming the identity crisis which I was facing at that point of time. The memories are still vivid of how my first post came up. So with fond memories of inception of this part of my life and also wishing myself luck for longer innings, I dedicate this post to Preeti Shenoy, my inspiration in blogging and hope that I show here more often.

Well, I have been planning for long to do a blog marathon and the time just looks perfect for that. So I announce a blog marathon in the month of October and hope to offer you some interesting reads in this season.