Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coffee and Meeee

Coffee and me. The association dates back to my teens. Although back then we did’nt have such posh coffee joints like today but my city, Lucknow had an old, historic Coffee House were we used to hang out having cups after cups. Those places had their own romantic charm. Where at one place there would be a group of oldies sipping their cuppa, sharing their small little snippets from life and getting high on it, there on the other shady corner used to be some blushing couple holding hands under the table cover. There used to be so much warmth, a sense of belonging, a feeling of togetherness even when we did’nt knew each other, it was something different. Feels like an era gone by. Today that warm heartedness in the air has been replaced by the intoxicating coffelicious aroma which allures you for a compelling cuppa. And it offers something different every time. Different experiences, different stories, moments of solitude sometime and wondrous celebration to remember at times. Truly ‘A lot can happen over a cup of coffee’.

I have my own set of interesting incidents and stories revolving around a simple sip of coffee. And here I share the latest one with you.

Few days back me and my friends had gone out for a movie. No matter how old you get but when a group of ladies go out together for a hangout the sense of youth and girlishness just seeps in. And why not? After all, age is always a state of mind firstly and secondly I am not that old. I am just a mother of two, fit and smart enough with looks to turn few heads for a ‘dekho’ even today. So you see, all sorts of bubbly thoughts come into the mind when a group of not so young, not so old ladies, nah girls is out. So we had gone for this movie out and as we settled in our seats with our tubs of popcorns and cups of coffee, we realized that we captured half of the row and quite interestingly the other half was claimed by a group of seemingly college going guys. And their selection of movie snacks was same as ours. I was seated last where the seats of young boys started. The guy at the next seat looked good and we exchanged smiles before the movie started.

It was a horror movie and soon we were completely possessed by it. The popcorn tubs and coffee cups started passing at both the sides. The passing parcels moved fast at times in a fast paced scene and sometimes moved slowly when the heart beats stopped racing. Totally engrossed in the one of the spookiest scene, where the actress opened the door in a dark and breezy night, her hairs left open fell on the shoulders and winging behind, the hall echoed with fanatic scream of a guy. Oops ! the guy next seat, totally lost in that scene had put his hands in my piping hot coffee to fetch some pop corns. Ha Ha Ha … that was coffee and some great fun. Used to such screams in a horror movie the public carried on and so did both the groups only to find later on what actually happened.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An open letter which is so very personal - part I

It was not happening for the first time to me but it was, and it was magical. Your deep soaking voice, your playful eyes with which you gave those flirtatious looks to me, your killing dance moves which won me completely, the zing in your walk and amazing sense of humour with a justly timing, the fighting spirit, in fact everything in you reminded me of my own self. Exactly. You were so very much me. Careless, carefree, free from all the bonding, a born rebel, ready to storm the world with whooping energy. Your  intoxicating smell, it entered my soul and lead me to a trance. As if it was mine but lost somewhere. I loved to see you fly and did’nt even come to know when I joined you on that journey which seemed endless, full of new life every moment. It brought a new experience every second with ensuing freshness and a daring madness. I loved being with you as a part of you which was my own reflection. Being with you I felt my life was taking a newfangled turn which was so much more colourful and pretentious. I loved every bit of it but you either unsure of what was happening to you also or looking for reasons in bullet points always asked me “Why me?”. It seemed so very difficult to me to list those ‘reasons’. It was as if justifying my existence to myself. May be always opposites attract but if that be true then are soulmates two individuals with different cores? Is it difficult to be together when you are so much alike? But with time we evolved to have separate strengths and most importantly a bit of weaknesses too. And when I look back I realize you were a shade better than me. Not like me but a more perfect me. And today I gather those enough bullet points to tell you as they are so very important to be told.

1.         I loved you as a human being. You were one of those ‘Allah ke nek bande’ who are not only himself good but spread that goodness around. I remember you helping around needy poor people who were not even known and it must be your aura speaking because of which though in a crowd yet they came asking help from you.

2.         I loved your serious logical reasoning for even the most illogical thing on earth. I am sure you would be a fiery debater back in school days. You had the most convincing ability which could win anything on earth. Sometimes I wonder the logic which you gave was that all planned and if you worked as per them? I mean I really wonder because the reasoning used to be so perfect.

3.         Your love for adventure. Well we made quite a lot of it together but so much is still undone and since I love my life that way I knew my life would be steering where I would have always wanted it be.

4.         Your zest for life and happiness quotient in it. The way you seeked happiness in every possible offerings of life and in turn spread it around. It was the most amazing quality you had which at times I hated as you did’nt let me be in own self during my down syndrome.

5.         Your just self, which held the hands of truth always. Whether it is comforting or not and whether it took to accepting your own mistake in a conflict. Not everybody can do it that well.

6.         And I loved the way you looked okay. …

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Monday, September 15, 2014

My 10 Secret Shifters

Life is all about dreams and a strong belief that you can achieve them. Dreaming for wishes getting fulfilled is a beautiful creative visualization and having wishes is a flight of happiness. Wishes …  oh you are asking a wrong person to list just ten as I am a born dreamer. Dreams are a way of immersing my inner self in an ocean of deep fantasy and in turn transcend to create a reflection of my own different selves. I only wish it would have been possible for me to fulfill all my dreams and aspirations, but as of now we are talking about only ’10 Things I must do before I die’.  Well this list is endless and always ready with me which I call my ‘Secret Shifters’, my inspiration to work towards a fanciful tomorrow to make it a reality. And if we will not wish how will we achieve! So here are my 10 Secret Shifters:-

(1)       (The no 1 position keeps changing but surprisingly has been retained by this one for quite some time now) To Be a successful world acclaimed author. People who love to read should have read at least one book of mine. In a popular bookstore there would be a separate shelf for my books. Every book shelf in library or in book laden homes would have my collection of books. (Bus itna sa khwab hai …. Am I wishing too much?)

(2)       I want to own a huge luxurious bungalow with like rooms in double figures, a big garden, swimming pool, my personal gym, a huge study which will also be my work place, a balcony opening from my bedroom with beautiful terrace garden and it would be facing east so that the first ray of hope falls everyday with wind perfect for my wings.

(3)       Travelling and lots of lots of that. Well being part of the armed forces this wish is already getting fulfilled but want to see each part of my beautiful and not so explored country before I head towards the world.

(4)       Conquer the highest point on earth. Summit the Mount Everest. Missed doing it once due to health restrictions.

(5)       Do sky diving. I have a bit of phobia with height but want to defeat it by doing sky diving. Will definitely do it once before I die. I guess everybody should try and do this once in life. I am sure it must be an out of the world experience to be in air and being rapt in that epitome of freedom.

(6)       To be part of an NGO and give back to the society in whatever way I can. And all of us should do that. We are blessed to be in abundance and its our duty to share the grace and show our gratitude. I am doing it a small possible manner right now but would grow in my efforts someday.

(7)       To have an extended family beyond the actual family, being with whom alone would be copious and full of love and just unconditional love. We would together create a world full of love, happiness and togetherness where there would be no room for hatred. The family is already coming together.

(8)       I would learn dance someday. A desire to take a formal training in any form of classical dance is a deep desire since my childhood. Would love to see myself doing that someday.

(9)       Go on a biking world tour with my hubby.

(10)     Last but not the least. Infact, quite an important one. My ‘Rs 10 Crore cheque’. Now how this comes I don’t know but this wish has been etched my diary long back and I know will achieve this someday. May be when I start writing books, one of the books gets super duper hit like none before. May be one of the books get incorporated in motion and fetch me this amount. Anything can happen.

I have wished all this and sent it to the universe. And I know the universe is listening. Are you wishing already?  If yes would love to hear about your ‘Secret Shifters’.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

For Onler with Love

A must watch movie for all sports lovers and especially all mommy’s on forced or volunteered break after kids. The movie we are talking about here is the latest B town buzz ‘Mary Kom’. The movie is about the grappling comeback of the boxing legend in the squared world. Although the film captured the pathos of the struggled life of Mary Kom brilliantly, what actually struck the chord with me was the second half of the movie which portrayed the fight of regaining the lost glory. Achieving the most unachievable feat, Mary rose to earn the title of ‘Magnificent Mary’ after reclaiming the world champion title in 2008. And this was when she made a majestic restore after delivering her twins. Knowing what trauma the body of a female goes through after giving birth, the accomplishment was more than remarkable. The character has been well lived by Priyanka Chopra. The grueling workout sessions behind the scenes are substantially reflected in the power pack performance of the actor. She has given her heart and soul in being the essence of the movie which takes on the shape of an enriching inspirational biopic.

As I said for me what made the movie rather story of Mary Kom special is her immense dedication to make the glorious come back that she did. May be I could relate to her frustration on leaving her career for the family and thereafter staying at home to ply her role of a dedicated mother. But she fought against all odds with a perfect balance to conquer the heights once again which if not unachievable, would be difficult without the support of a husband like Onler. It was Onler who made her realize and believe in the dreams once again. It was his unfathomable and unrelenting belief in Mary which made him extend the immense support for her taking care of the young kids. The movie brilliantly portrays the role a husband plays in the success of his wife after motherhood. Successful career women when take decision to take a break to look after the kids, making a comeback is never easy but goes effortlessly well with moving dedication and unconditional support from the family of which husband plays the main role. Today when we speak of gender equality and role reversals, I believe raising kids is equal responsibility of both the parents. After the initial care for which the kids need their mother, if the lady wants to hit the main stream again, husbands should be equally liable to share the load and give that extra push a wife needs at that hour. I simply loved the way Onler did that in the movie. Of course Mary Kom deserves the love and respect for such a remarkable journey but I would give an extra star to love of Onler and for his unquestionable support for Mary. Definitely this makes me say, ‘Behind every successful married woman, is a loving and supportive husband’.