Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 28. Love blues - Part 5

The racing footsteps halted hearing the painful cry.

“Someone has got trapped again. We will have to try and help.” Abhi surprised Smita. He was engulfed in anger this time and wanted to engage in the battle of death.

“What are you saying Abhi? This is no adventure. We should focus on escaping and not indulging. And all this is so dangerous. So many lives have been claimed. You can’t do this.”

“Relax Smita. Just let me try once. I will not go near the bushes and remember they can’t reach out to me if I am at a safe distance.” Abhi was looking confident. “I have a plan.” Everybody looked at him in suspicion but he quickly moved towards his bike and took out the petrol in the bottle that he carried in his bag.

“Does anyone have a match box or lighter?” Abhi had a spark in his eyes.

“Yes I have.” Raju handed over the match box to Abhi and they all continued in the direction where the cry was heard. Walking barely for a minute, they were standing in front of the horrifying view where a man was struggling to get away from the devilish branches. The tip of the branch inserted deep into the legs of the man as it drew the life out of him. Abhi quickly started pouring the fuel on the branches. Maintaining a safe distance he threw the petrol all around the bush. His heart raced as he passed the burning stick towards the beast. All eyes were on the lighted match stick as it flew from the hands of Abhi towards the bush in front. As the match stick hit the fuel soaked branch, the man was thrown and he went flying to hit the trunk of one of tree, before crashing down. Abhi and Shailesh ran towards him while others watched the giant branches twisting and turning in the air. It took few minutes for the beastly bush to fall into the perils of its own end.

“Thanks Abhi. You not only saved the life of this poor man but also gave us the way to tackle this horrendous beast. Now I will recommend putting the entire forest on fire to rule out any remains of such disastrous thing here” Said Shailesh. “But what were you two doing over here in such a deserted place?”

Abhi and Smita looked towards each other. The events leading to this day reeled into their minds but they chose to keep silent about it. Contemplating the possible reason of their venture, Shailesh also passed a smirk.

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