Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 30. Connections.

The mystic beauty of hills gets accentuated when they are vieled upon by fog. Sometimes thick enough to not let you go and sometimes alluring to take a walk through. I love the latter and with a gentle sprinkle of drizzle falling on my face, the ecstasy knows no bound. Such a heavenly weather has always pulled me to my most frequented place in Dalhousie. The old coffee shop which overlooks the valley, offering myriad seen, unseen dreams.  Every minute the hills achieve unattained ravishing artistry of nature with one surpassing the other. 

On one of such days when I sat at the cornermost bench after offering my usual expresso, my hands automatically slipped into the bag which I always carried outddoors and drew the small sketching book. While I was contemplating my frame for today's display of the mother nature, my attention drew towards the beautiful girl sitting adjacent to my space. Her eyes overflowed with an elated vehemence and with a furor of racing thoughts, her delicate hands moved perpetually on a small piece of paper as if they were in a hurry to soak up her heart and mind. My coffee came but as the waiter laid it on my table I disapproved what he delievered. "I had ordered an espresso and not cappuccino." I was loud enough to disdurb the much engrossed next table girl and she shifted her gaze to the cup of coffee served in front of her. "I think he mixed the orders. That what you have is my preference and this is your espresso." She pointed towards the cup infront of her. "Sorry sir. Both the orders were almost placed simultaneously so I got confused." The waiter immediately swapped the two cups. "Shit." The disgust over her broken pencil disturbed the solemnity of her look. My eagerness got a breakthrough and I offered her another one from my bag as I carried them in all varities in the small pandora box. 

"Have one, but if I may get a bit personal what are you rapt in?" 

She once again looked at me and placidly smiled. Her lips opened and poised with a deep tranquility. "I am a writer and am trying to capture the moment in my words."

"So glad to meet you. I am also an artist and seize life differently, on my canvas. While you attain your pleasures, if you permit, may I include you in mine? Can I draw your portrait?"

Ada agreed with some reluctance giving me my best portait being the damsel of the creation and later on being the one in my life. 

This post is written in response to the WOW prompt at blogadda this week. A post to weave a story around the words 'Coffee Shop, Broken Pencil and Writer'.


  1. Wow this is lovely :) Greatly written. Art lives forever.

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