Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 1 of Blog Marathon

Taking up challenges in life gives a kick which can only be experienced when you take up one and while writing took a back seat past couple of months for reasons which may appear to be as excuses, here I am back with my first ever blog marathon, the best way to train my wandering thoughts. At times even after knowing the tricks of the trade, which in the case of writing is to write every single day you are not able to do it. So if the stars are shining bright enough, this is going to be the blog marathon month for me, so guys wish me luck.

To start with, here’s a great quote on challenge which I stumbled upon while planning to take up the challenge of doing a blog marathon

Certainly, taking up challenges and striving to achieve them gives a push which stretches you beyond your limits and in the process helps in bettering self and discovering a new you. So hoping the same and much more, I wish this month to be exciting and loaded with fun for me and you both. Happy reading.

Day 1 (Yeah, I did feel the adrenaline gush whilst typing that)

It is day 1 of blog marathon and also my first attempt in flash fiction. A five sentence fiction post for lilliemcferrin. This week’s word is bubbles.

The new bubble in the red light area of Patna was ready to be turfed out. Rukmani was lifted on the outskirts of Kishanganj, on her way to school last month, and while the search was dying its own death miles away, she was being geared up for her new life. She was chosen for Dubai, where she would be part of a famous nightclub. Blessed with a reverential beauty,  Rukmani was the cynosure of all eyes but little did she know of her doomed fate where she would be ejaculated tonight. It's seven in the evening and Rahim walks up to Rukmani’s room as her first client, but she had burst to nothingness leaving the lineage of a bubble behind.

Guys this is my first attempt at flash fiction so please be critical with your comments to help me grow.

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  1. for first attempt this is exceptionally good, well done, keep writing