Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 9. A day spent doodling

So friends how is your weekend going? Grab these last few hours left in your hand before the Monday blues hit you. Well I had a busy lazy day. Morning till late afternoon busy settling household chores and then relaxing through the late afternoon when I realised that the post for today has not been done yet. And as I have indulged in two short stories back to back here, decided to do something different today.

Doodle art has been fascinating me for quite some time now and I thought that the day was just perfect for trying my hands on it. So this is what I ended up doing for the past an hour and a half or so. May be not perfect but I am happy with the results for a beginner. Since it is intricate, it engrosses you completely and serves as a stress buster also. I completely loved my first doodling session. Hope you like my attempt too. And on my recommendation try this art for once to realise its therapeutic effect.

Yes, we create our own calm and I just did mine. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I realise that my phone needs a change. 


  1. Nice work. It appears to be made in pencil, am I correct?

    If you are interested in traditional art in pencil mode, you can have a look at some of my recent works

  2. Thanks Amit. No this is made by pen. Luxar Stripen Fine 0.4 to be specific. Will surely visit your page.