Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 6. How Blue is my Sapphire - Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of the story. I have purposefully kept this portion brief as it was dealing with a sensitive topic. Hoping to see you back here for the next part of the story.

Its time. Her train would be arriving in another half an hour. Hari would be at the station to receive and get her home, before I reach. My mind fluttered anxiously and failed to be anywhere, my heart perplexed whether it wanted the time to cease or run fast. While I was caught up meandering, Dr Farhad’s car moved in at a slow pace over the undulating ground. Animals always possess a stronger sixth sense than us. Sunny although half asleep could read my impatience and clung closer to me. I stepped out of the car leaving the post procedure requirements in the car. Dr Farhad also was out by now with his grey briefcase bearing peace for my Sunny. I had already placed a folding plastic table covered with a white cloth where the spot would be. It will be a two step procedure, Dr had told me already.
‘So are we ready?’ asked Dr Farhad calmly and I gave a brief nod.

‘You will have to place Sunny on the table, Jai. If you think you won’t be able to handle it, you can sit in the car.’ He was plain, cold and experienced. Maybe the professional acumen of doctors kills their sensitivity. But I won’t go. I snuggled Sunny for one more time and he opened his wet eyes. His painful eyes didn’t seek any answers but it pierced me within. The misery of separation took over the physical ailments of Sunny.  I placed him on the table, he lay stretched, submissive and prepared.

The doc placed his briefcase on the table next to sunny and took out syringe and the two small glass bottles, which would make Sunny’s pain cease for now and forever. Dr Farhad inserted the first liquid into the feeble veins of Sunny. He stretched even further; reaching his hands towards me, may be trying to feel me one more time. I took his hands in mine and clasped as I always did. The warmth of my hands relaxed him and his head rested against his hands. His mouth drooled and tongue hung out. The doc waited for five minutes and made the final lethal blow. Sunny was gone. I took him into my arms and tears rolled down my cheeks feeling the summer heat on the body. Dr Farhad came near and with his right hand on my shoulder and in a composed voice asked me to move ahead and let Sunny be one with the elements. I wiped my tears and with a nod rested Sunny on the table. His resting place was already dug by Hari in the morning. I wrapped Sunny in a white cloth and laid him in the holed up earth. Dr Farhad got the flowers and the tombstone from my car. As I placed the mud on wrapped Sunny, a few more tears trickled down. The tombstone said, ‘In the loving memory of my friend, my companion, my life. Sunny. 1990-2015.’ Dr Farhad patted on my shoulders and tried to lift me up but I wanted to be there for some time. ‘Alright Jai. Take care of yourself. I will have to leave now. There must be people waiting in the clinic. And you also leave in sometime. It is very hot today. You will get dehydrated.’ I got up and shook hands with him in gratitude. Words kept struggling inside.

Meanwhile the railway station at Kishorgadh went dead again after the last train moved out. Hari and Choti were already on their way home. Choti got out of the car and gingerly stepped into the old and battered house. The name plate on the walls bore Jai’s name. The house has not been painted in years. There were places where the dried paint had come out dragging a layer of cement along with. Stepping into the central courtyard, Choti could relate to the childhood stories of Jai. But she was surprised that despite his distressing childhood memories in this house, he chose to stay here for the rest of his life.

Hope you are liking the stories here. Keep coming back as this month we are going to have some interesting story lines in this blogathon.


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