Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 1. Sounds of Love - Part 1

So as promised here I am with a brand new season of blogathon. Errr… does it sound like opening of a reality show or tele series? Well I am thrilled to the core about this so even if it sounds like one, it truly pronounces my excitement. I haven’t blogged for months, and while I kept planning for the second season blogathon all this year, it never really happened. I am glad I made an announcement earlier this week and kicked my ass to own up this turf of mine. I write almost every day in some form or the other but somehow the happiness of posting a blog here is unparalleled. The sheer idea of connecting with your readers over a blog or any form of writing for that matter, lifts up my mood on any gloomy day. In fact it does give an unbeatable adrenaline rush to write here and thereafter see the performance on the post. I am a bit stuck up kinda person when it comes to stats. If not completely, then partially they do raise up my happiness quotient. So while this month is going to unleash one post here every day, it guarantees 31 days filled with excitement, boisterousness and happiness. And what all I promise to offer? Short stories, poetry, some photo features, memoirs and … well not planned beyond this. But would love to surprise myself. So lets get go….

Let us begin with a simple and honest smile. A smile which would light up this moment. Let us live this moment right here right now free of all the stress and negativities which life throws on us and be in peace with our inner self, our inner child. I share a beautiful quote I came across this morning.


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Just a food for thought… Instead of mulling over the unhappiness brought forward from the past, let us create a better today which will give us happier memories tomorrow and an inspiration to dream for a bigger and better tomorrow. We are the creator of our lives so lets paint anew, brighter portrait of our future with myriad hues.

On the first day of the blogathon I bring you the story of Ria in Sounds of Love….

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The tiny water droplets on the tin shed were gaining volume infrequently, altering the noise of their splatter every time. The cool monsoon breeze swirling around the wind chime made the tinkling music change chords frequently. Her soul reverberated with the enchanting tunes of the wind chime which created a distinct symphony every time.  Ria loved it and every little thing which came along with this season. The drunk muddy smell of the satiated earth, the overindulging breeze, the drops falling on her sensuous beautiful face, water running across the toes through the strings of the loafers. Everything about monsoons was surreal and somehow connected her deep within. She could spend her entire life getting soaked in the romanticism of this weather. The skies flashing above along with all the accompanied drama is what she wanted to see. She wished to see the myriad coloured greens which spilled over every nook and corner of her little world. Sampat kaka told it looked beautiful. The misty mornings which she smelled, getting drenched in supernal happiness, the blur on foggy day, and how it appeared when the hills beyond enjoyed the incessant showers but the world this side was still athirst for it. Above all she wanted to see the most doting eyes in the world which were of her aai, Shobhna. They were Ria’s gateway to the enchanting world around. Since the day doctors divulged the news of Ria’s inability to see, Shobhna’s life had only one dream, to get Ria’s eyes treated, but nowhere she got a positive reply. Once again she was building hopes with Dheeraj returning back from abroad after finishing his studies. He was now an eye surgeon. Dheeraj was the only son of Kulkarni’s, their neighbours of decades. The family had moved five years back and settled in Delhi after Dheeraj relocated years ago to pursue higher studies.

‘Ria come inside and wear something warm. We will be leaving in another 10 min,’ Shobhna shouts to make herself hear over the noise of rain knocking on the tin shed, but Ria continues to sway on the rocking chair in the verandah. She could sit here for hours like a silent ghost, detached but alive and feeling every bit of it.

‘Aai, I don’t want to go. Why are you forcing me?’ Ria replied. Her voice lowered hearing Shobhna approach.

‘Okay don’t come. As it is, the rain doesn’t seem to stop for another few hours.’

Ria called him Dheer. They grew up almost together being immediate neighbours but in their respective worlds. They met at family get together and other important occasions. At times the conversations ran out across the common fence, when Dheer inquired about her well being. It cheered her up instantly but even she knew he is just being courteous. Ria’s solitude and aai’s pep talks made her strong, mentally senesce but at times she had her moments of despair.

Ria was just twelve when Dheer left Najod. Nothing changed for either of them.

‘We are leaving Ria. Will be back soon.’ The door panels clasped each other and got bolted from outside.

Few kilometers away at the Najod railway station, the signals were turned green to flag in, the train coming from Mumbai.

If you liked the piece here, please do visit tomorrow to see the story progress…

Till then have a kicking day ahead. Enjoy the romanticism of rains if it is raining in your city and if not hope for one. Wishing you a good day ahead, I sign off for the day ….

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