Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 23. Happy Blogiversary Preeti Shenoy.

Hi friends. Hope you had a great weekend. Well for me the weekend fever starts only sat eve as both me and my kids are working even on Saturdays. And Sundays are definitely fun days. But for today it was a mix of work and play as my kids start writing their exams tomorrow plus we went out for a long awaited kid’s fun zone date followed by dinner. So back home after I tuck them to bed, here I am reporting for my Blog Marathon commitment.

October 23. The date is special to me. Not related directly though but this is when my blogging ideal, favourite author and person, Preeti Shenoy started her journey into this blogging world. Hers was the first blog I read and got addicted to the extent that I would start my day checking her portal for any new post. She inspired me through her writing. I related to her posts and every time I would read her posts, there would be a desire to start my own blog. And after being a regular visitor at her portal for about three months, I stepped into this world of blogging in 2011.

Today Preeti Shenoy is celebrating her 10 years of stepping into this world of blogging and I dedicate my 23rd day post of this blog marathon to her. Cheers for completing these amazing 10 years Preeti and here’s wishing you all the very best for another many decades of successful but more importantly good writing and a wonderful life, with your family and friends.

I think it is important to have an ideal in life. Someone, who you can look up to. Who inspires and drives you to proceed in a positive direction in life. If you are a passionate person, you will always want to succeed and be an achiever. Having an ideal or role model helps you in your flight. When I was aspiring to be an army officer, my motivation was Kiran Bedi and till date, she is one iron lady I admire. And when I was looking for a second innings in life, I happened to discover Preeti Shenoy. What makes her a sensation all over the country is her openness to life, her charismatic persona, the way she allows a sneak peak into her life as a journey. If you follow her blog, you will get a feel of togetherness. I guess here the kudos goes to the growing wings of social media as well. But she has touched many lives through her blog and her writing. And I am certainly one of them.

If you wish to check out her blog, here’s the link

I wish if I could give a link to my favourite posts from her blog but the list is endless. So take your time and explore her world. It’s always good to know a pleasing personality like her.

See ya tomorrow. Till then sleep tight and don’t let bed bugs bite. ;)

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