Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 14. The Worst Hit Network Tsunami Ever

Yes friends the feelings are the same. I am still struggling with zero net connectivity and its day 2 so you can well understand my plight. The net issues creeped into my laptop today and typing a blog post on mobile looks such a herculean task. But 'ek baar jo maine commitment kar di to phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti'. So at least 'ek Hi to banata hai'. After all its the Blog Marathon month. 

Internet connection has become such a life line these days that when it suddenly retires likes this, unannounced, your condition is like a Tsunami hit area. Life seems to be thrown completely out of gear. I have not been able to work since yesterday, cutting excuses with all my clients. But no work didn't mean all play for me as i was continuously after my service provider hoping for a system resume every minute which didn't allow me to get absorbed in anything else with a free mind. Although the days have been restless but I managed to catch up on a new book. The literary marvel by the Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, 'The Fugitive'. I will attempt writing a review of the book later in this month. Haven't finished it completely and don't want to also in a jiffy. I want  to sip from it slowly and savour every bit of it. I will keep quoting from the book in between. But till then let me quote one of my most favourite lines from the book.  

We came hither together, friend, and now at the cross-roads I stop to bid you farewell.

Your path is wide and straight before you, but my call comes up by ways from the unknown.

I shall follow wind and cloud; I shall follow the stars to where day breaks behind the hills; I shall follow lovers who, as they walk, twine their days into a wreath on a single thread of song, "I Love."

Good night friends. Sleep well and pray this life called net life touches me again.

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