Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 11. The Road Less Travelled.

The Road Less Travelled

On the road less travelled when the journey began
Quaint whispers became my light when I saw no man
My feet ached and felt heavy even with the broken chains
Pulled me back to which appeared the safe haven

But I moved ahead to the world of my dreams
Which bore no look, had no rainbow, no streams
In the world of darkness holding tight onto my desires
I walked the road less travelled till the fire

It was where the world ceased to exist
The clocks didn’t click and lifted were the mists
In there was everything which brought me home
Yes, it was my hearth. I had seen it and was not unknown

The walls were tall, not bright but charred
The drapes not fine but torn
There was a chair not royal for a throne
And the room looked forlorn
In that moment when I was forgotten
I commanded those who belittled me often
To make peace with my wrath and bury the fury
To clear the entangling webs which made me quarry
I chose to dig them deep
Who swindled me and made me weep

There were new skies beyond the window
And new buds waiting to be kissed
With the warmth of a new life
Born out of peace and not anger
I held all that was mine
Overwhelmed with winning over the bygone I shine
Where my hearts searches new roots
To grow a new love free from hurt, aloof of pain