Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 12. Wordless Wednesday - 09

Inviting your titles and captions on my Wordless Wednesday moment.

Well I didn't receive any captions other than Tanushree "Hail O Ganesha" for the last one but there were interesting comments. The visitors were intrigued and even scared with the magnanimity of the picture. The idol was of our most loved deity Ganesha which stands fiercely in the foothills of the Bhagsu Waterfall in Mc Leodganj, Himanchal Pradesh.


  1. But for "wordless", is any title/caption required ? :-)

    Where are the previous entries of this series? I could not locate them in your archives.

    1. Its not about the requirement Amit. I offer my wordless moments as an opportunity for my readers to contribute here in a creative way. If the picture appeals, you may suggest a title. About the previous posts, they are listed under Wordless Wednesday in the archives.