Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 4. How Blue is My Sapphire - Part I

Hello friends. Here I am with another short story. I started writing this one few months back for one of the contests but could never finish it. So here in the blog marathon month, picking up from the past I present you. 'How Blue is my sapphire' titled by famous author Anita Nair as this one was for one of the contests by her.

Dear you,

Yes you. The way you are, to me, as a part of me. You were and will always be my Bondhu. Life can be gruesome, painfully killing and reclusive of us but we have to learn to trust and move on. Reaching you this Friday.

Yours choti.

I was her ‘bondhu’ and she my ‘choti’, my most adorable ‘choti’, twenty two years back. My pristine moments with her were free of any boundaries, inhibitions, desires and selfishness. All they were life, sheer life and while all these years, I yearned for some more time and blissful moments with her, I failed to listen that faint rumbling, thundering in the shudders of my inner folds. I received the telegram this morning. She is coming to me today. I longed this day for years, but when it is shinning right on my face, the dullness refuses to bear the gleam. Standing in this deserted, dry land covered with occasional trees near the lake, with Sunny in my hands, I wait for his vet to come and begin with the procedures. Dreading to face the moments ahead I pull Sunny closer to me. He was a 5 day old pup when I got him home fifteen years back and since then we have lived our lonely lives in the companionship of each other. My heart perplexed with the complexities of extreme emotions which life decided to offer in a single moment, I dread to receive my past on a fresh page. I need to write with the realms of reality and hope to be a better writer this time. All of us live with our past. All of us allow it to shape our future. But some of us know how to shrug the past. I think that is who I am. I am the creator, the divine, the reflection of my inner God. I will shape up my life as I want it. I allowed it to define my present but I deny it the rights today. I don’t know why I am allowing it to happen when she didn’t even turn to look back on what she left behind that day.

The humidity has been soaring up high since morning. It takes efforts to draw life out of this almost dead weather. It has shrugged off emotions like me, making the surround soulless and completely languor. I am better in the car but soon Dr Farhad would be here. There are still five minutes left in the appointed time. Sunny’s eyes are still closed but he opens them heavily in between reassuring his mortality. I took time to get convinced but this is appropriate for him and for me too. He refuses to eat or drink and his condition fails to improve even with medication. It’s been days and it was getting painful for both of us to see him passing like this.

I throw a queasy glance over the twinned watch which successfully supplanted my fondness for the earlier one, years back. I loved the earlier one too but this one was special. Choti gifted me this on my birthday when I was distraught with losing one. My favourite watch just stopped being one day, vanishing inexplicably, as if giving way to the newness in my life. It was absolutely similar to the lost one. Same white circular dial hemmed in a golden ring with light brown leather straps.

Its time. Her train would be arriving in another half an hour.

Would love to see you back tomorrow to see how the story progresses. 

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