Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 30. Mere Tumhare Sabke Liye Happy Diwali.

It’s Diwali today and I wish all my readers a very happy and auspicious one. May this Diwali fill your heart and life with inner light and wisdom. 

I kept thinking about a special post befitting the auspicious occasion but as the day progressed, time kept slipping out of my hands like dry sand. So in the evening as we got over with the auspicious Diwali celebrations at home, we went around the society to enjoy the brightly lit up society. Also on display was a wide array of colourful display in the form of rangoli which was beautiful and quite innovative also at places. I come from a fauji background and this was after a long time I was celebrating Diwali in a non fauji set up. Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival in India and rangoli like all important festivals is its significant part. Though this society culture is still new to me what impressed me was the efforts put by the residents in adding festive splendor to the common areas which can also be termed as the ‘No man’s land’. We all take efforts to decorate our homes and surrounding but not many take part in the collaborative efforts like these. So here is my 30th day post dedicated to those people, their art and most importantly their zest in spreading happiness around.

 And this one I loved, the geeky light arrangement :)

Hope you all also had an amazing day today. C ya tomorrow on the last day of the Blog Marathon.

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