Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 18. Few short long tales.

Still exploring the one sentence, two sentence fiction/musings, here are some more. Short and crisp, somewhat bitter somewhat sweet they might delight or leave you thinking. Please share how you feel. It is valuable indeed. Does this also rhyme … :)

Sadness and madness in their extreme are vary of each other. Which one defines you?
To me, the both.

There are days I feel like singing but the tunes 
are too melodious to be accepted. 
Do I bother?

He writes to her more often these days.
Reassuring his presence to himself.

Dismissing all around including herself, 
she immerses within to build herself yet again,
 step by step, brick by brick. 
Will she be stronger now?

She was the most desirable but 
brought no pleasure to who possessed her.

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