Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 22. The Song of Lost Love.

When the love lived in the lanes across
There was a window where the sun shone with all its gloss
I watched it rise and saw its fall

In the land of windmills where the winds ragingly blew
On the softest lips his warmth grew
Her hairs fell long on his shoulders so strong
And the rainbows danced in their love song
The heavens sang with all might and bloom
She was women so worthy and he, the most desirable groom
Love was not all, each other they breathed
There was a fire within. It led and it sheathed
Their love was free. Full of smiles and no tears
The times were all good without any fear

Their flight was high,
Sometimes it made her sigh
But the ecstasy was maddening and far coming was a low tide
Don’t go so far, she only tried

There were days and there were nights
He went alone in the search of brighter lights
They shined in a different world
And to a weaker tier they furled
Fascinated he went, to the fate he never knew
And  the night fury engulfed, near as he drew
He looked at the shore but the darkness echoed back
Delirious in the moment he shunned her and wished a new life
Could not live with her but couldn’t even give her up
Entranced by the night fury he only burned up

She waited, she cried
The voices unheard always died
The emptiness within she wanted to fill
But the void made her numb and pushed down to kill
In that moment she rose to forget but not forgive
Made way to her pinnacle destined and reason to live
There were deeper truths unraveled
For the happiness sought outside was found within unparalleled
She rose like a star which lighted the world around
He called it vicious and in that hatred he drowned 

What a love it was that got lost

She found herself at his cost

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