Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 Tips for a rocking B'day Party

Alright, let me guess. It is your birthday and you want to throw a party which people would remember for life time and you don’t want to spend fortunes for it? Well, that’s a great idea and who says only money can buy happiness. And when you can have all the fun in a limited budget then why not? After all it is your special day and you are the king of the world today. The rules are all yours.

So let us have a look at top 5 birthday party ideas which would rock for your crowd and would be less expensive also. Firstly, let us cut down on the money required to rent a venue. Decide upon a theme for your party in which there is no need to rent a venue, but the place is readily available to you. If you have managed to do that you have already saved a handsome amount. And deciding on a spectacular theme, you will nail it completely.

1)         Pool side party.       You can have a pool side party in your society pool. This would save you from the expense of spending on venue and even décor. Everybody loves to splash in water and you can achieve that by organising some games in the water. Of course you can mention to carry the swimsuits in the invite. If people are enjoying themselves your party is already a hit. Believe you me this theme would set the town on fire.

2)         Retro theme.            You can have this theme in your house also. For a perfect ambience you can have dim lights and paper lamps. If possible, take few print outs of old movies and fix it as part of décor. No extra ‘kharcha’ on venue or décor. Add to the mood with having a retro dress code and some games based on old movies and songs.

3)         Dhaba theme.          This is a guaranteed hit when it comes to theme parties. Set up in a total ‘desi’ mood, this party theme can be actually held at a dhaba. With this theme you not only save on venue and décor, but also on catering as food from dhabas is quite inexpensive.

4)         Biking theme. This theme would go well with boys, but girls would also love to be part of it. Plan a long group bike trip to the most picturesque places around and have a cake cutting at the highway. I am sure this would be a totally unique and unexplored idea. For the food part you can stop any descent place midway. This is my personal favourite theme.

5)         Childhood themeAlthough now grown up we always remember our childhood days and are wishing to relive them. Going back in time is not possible, but you can definitely get a feel with planning your birthday party with revisiting childhood as the theme. With the obvious dress code you can organise activities you did as kids.

But as every party needs planning even your birthday party needs detailing before the fun begins. So what are you waiting for? Indulge and enjoy.

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