Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wrtie Tribe Festival : Day 4

Well, it begins every time with a Thanksgiving to Write Tribe, so I guess will continue doing that in this post also, as I am getting the opportunity to express my gratitude towards one of the best selling authors today, Preeti Shenoy. It was because of her that I got into blogging and it was her book ‘Life is what you make it’ after reading which I checked out her blog which was earlier known as justamotheroftwo. To tell you the truth and accept the fact, that was my first encounter with the thing called blogging. Although I had heard about it, but has some misconceptions about it. Completely intrigued, reading her posts, checking out a new post every morning almost became a ritual with me. And very soon the idea of starting a personal blog of my own started seeping in. This appeared like an e-diary to me and as I was a diarist myself, blurting out my choked feelings and thoughts into the web space where people were ready to listen to me was an idea which completely possessed me and then this page saw the light of the day out of my fantasies and experiences of life. So as today, we are linking our post, firstly I would link to.Blog of Preeti

Secondly, being new to the bloggers world, I was attracted by the various prompts which compelled to stir up new ideas and enabled to cook stories and the first one to hit my digital space was Blogadda. Their weekend prompts made me experiment with my own capabilities and I started dishing out short stories. So I want to thank Blogadda for enhancing my blogging skills.

Nowadays, I am an active member on Indiblogger which is another amazing site to connect with other well established and phenomenal bloggers, writers.

And I am now writing for Write Tribe also which has been churning some wonderful prompts and I keep getting drawn and motivated to write. So thanks, Write Tribe for this terrific opportunity.

Once I have written for Blog-A-Ton and have got a very good feedback which leaves me inspired to keep writing for their future prompts.

Considering myself still an amateur in the blogosphere, I am taking my own small steps to graduate and I am sure will grab more chances in future to test myself on the scales of various Blogging sites. 

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