Friday, December 12, 2014

Top 5 tips to boost your body metabolism

Did you ever have heart burns knowing people with high metabolic rate? When you were busy sweating and hitting hard on your fitness regime and keeping your calorimeter in check, the other one was indulging into guilt free savouring with no or minimal workout and still in shape? Well, yes, it does makes one feel jealous, but having a good metabolism is not a rocket science. Your body might not be having a naturally good metabolic rate, but relax, it is quite achievable.

Here are top 5 ways you can step up your metabolism in easy ways:

1.         Having a high protein diet has multifaceted effects on our body. Apart from being a nutritional supplement to the body, a generous dosage of protein means giving our body a low dose of carb but with the increased energy boost. This makes the task of body metabolism easier and helps it in working faster to extract the fat element from the diet. Therefore, having some protein rich snack helps tremendously if had as a pre workout meal, fuelling energy for your fitness regime.

2.         If you don’t like indulging in caffeine too often, think twice because having caffeine regularly can help in sprucing up your body metabolism.

3.         Thyroid is one of the most dreaded illness, which sucks its patient’s metabolic rate, making the accumulation of fat easier in the body. Therefore, most of the thyroid patient get into depression tackling the weight gain issue and most of the times give up on workouts slamming the slow results on the disease. But understanding the core issue of a slow metabolic rate would help resolving the distress. Again, having a high protein diet helps thyroid balance in the body which stimulates the metabolic rate and with an improved metabolism, it gets easier to shed off that extra body weight.

4.         How about a generous sprinkle of spice in life? Hello don’t derive meanings out of it. I am, talking in the literal sense. Enhanced spicy flavours with the adaptation of green or red chilli in the food can be increasing your metabolic rate. The natural chemicals present in these spices act as metabolism boosters.

5.         If you are the gym kinds, you can go for interval training which combines high intensity workouts with the regular breaking with low intensity exercises. In a gym you can achieve it with varying your speed on the treadmill and if you are into walking or running in parks or otherwise, you can inculcate this otherwise also. Shuffling speed during running helps to achieve the results faster and also facilitate in shedding those extra calories even after you finish with the workout. This happens as your body needs more oxygen, which makes the metabolism work faster and thus give the desired results.

So if you are also struggling with those weighty issues in life, you probably know the secret now behind those calorie cutter’s working. Go ahead and make the body metabolism work more to give a leaner and prettier you.

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