Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Second Innings

Questions on probable second innings kept racing my mind since I decided to hang my uniform. But when the answer came, it seemed so convincing and most importantly, completely natural. Yes, I decided to have a rendezvous with my inner self and explore the world of magnificent words. I wanted to be a writer, in tryst with my own self. Writing to me has always been like a meditation, when the writer’s mind and soul become one and result in creation of a whole new world full of fascinating words.

Why I want to be a writer? There are a number of reasons to it. Firstly, I am a born dreamer and playing with words, I find myself in a free world of imagination and creation. My inner self dips in an ocean of fantasy and transcends to create a reflection of my own different selves. Writing allows me to fulfill my many dreams and aspirations. To have diverse occupations, divergent personas with a varying attitude towards life. Writing is my passion and I believe ‘This is one aspiration that encompasses many others’. It allows me to live different lives through the characters and gives pleasure of achieving varied aspirations in the virtual world. Though achieved virtually, the pleasure is real, as words too become me in the process, leading to playfulness as they don’t stop even when I want them to. They guide me and lead me through the musings in an unimaginable fashion.

Secondly, for me writing is a way of expressing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I am better at a written self than a spoken one. Writing gives me the opportunity to put across what I can’t verbalize. It is the wind beneath my wings as it takes me higher than my usual self. And definitely words best describe me. I want to write to put across what lies deep within and to share my thoughts, interpretations, experiences and views.

Thirdly, I know that it is easier for me to understand the purpose behind the doings of other people. Though I am not trained in psychology, but as I put myself in the shoes of others, it helps me to empathize and interpret their doings. It gives me a positive outlook towards life and accords me the harmony to see life through other’s eye. In the process it enriches me to grow with life experiences of others and be non – judgmental about them, respect the people for their individuality and without trying to change them. As a writer, I would love to tell stories about life and my learning and experiences from it.

So I plunge into this wondrous world as i get kick started with blogging. Celebrating power of words .... happy reading.

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