Monday, August 12, 2013

Different Shades of Blue

Yesterday I wrote my first short story, ‘Over a rolling stone’ and had to rush with it as had to submit it for the WOW(Write Over Weekend) column of Blogadda. It is an initiative where bloggers all over the world blog over a given topic over weekend.  I was quite excited about this leap as I have just started blogging and plan to diversify my writing. And as I finished it, I was in seventh heaven for being able to write it. But that was not the end of it. As soon as I submitted my entry and shared the link on my facebook account a never before anxiety fever gripped me. I want to grow as a writer but in absence of any guidance it’s the feedback of readers which would take me ahead and help me achieve my dreams. And today till the time the WOW results for this week were announced the anxiety blues hit me so badly that I lost the count how many times I checked the blogadda site, likes on facebook and pageview stats here, desperately waiting for comments, appreciation or even criticism. But seeing the lukewarm response all my expectations rested on the WOW results. The adrenalin rush crossed all counts and left me in a dilapidated state by evening. Although my post did’nt make it amongst the best but it rested all speculations and anxiousness. I thought I did a great job but it’s something like every mother thinks high about her own child.

Speaking of mother child relationship, another devastating blues which had hit me was post natal blues after my first son, Aryan was born. Having gone through some terrible times after my first pregnancy due to this horrifying hormonal imbalance I did manage it quite well in my next one. But these blues were more unmanageable as it was difficult to find the root cause of this natural form of depression. Any minor issue would just poke the tears out me. Crying our heart out would never lead better results than in this phase of a women’s life. Although temporarily but it use to release the stress and unnerve in a situation. I’m sure the male species reading this would find this one disgusting as they would never experience it. I’m sure guys you can relate to the next one.

The irresistible ‘Monday Blues’. A few days ago I read a very interesting post on facebook. I share it here

So true. Weekend is a bliss. More for the IT guys for getting bigger happiness in life and privilege of long weekends if another leave happens to be on Friday or Monday. Well, the other deprived lot with limited edition, pleasure of getting restricted to just Sunday bonanza would always get in the much debatable topic of ‘five days a week for all’. Where discussions are on in the rest part of the world for getting down to working ‘four days a week’ we are still trying to make it five days universally. Well whether you are working for five days or six days a week, if you work true to your profession, you will certainly be waiting for a rejuvenating break. Wonderful times to be spent with self and family. And as we get drenched in the chutti fervor the thought of it coming to an end starts hitting as the evening dawns in leaving us struggling with the ‘Monday Blues’.

Apart from the colour, blue has so many identified and unidentified shades.  I don’t know much about music but there is a variety in music also if we speak of blues. I won’t justify writing about it but would like to share a link for varied genres of blues.

Share your shades and help discover some more. Would love to read your response.  


  1. maam so true the anxiety and the simple words of appreciation adds on to the is my fav color but monday blues are what i hate and loved what you wrote about monday blues:) wishing you loads of luck

    1. Thanks a ton sheetal. The way even you pursue your interests its so inspiring. Keep doing the good work and keep posting those amazing pictures you click.

  2. hey mini me, stop philosophing and live to cherish life. your experiences and accounts of your children giving you the status of mother by default birth-save them for later when they abandon you for their wives/ husbands. don't loose the moments you create, yes they don't come as usually as they used to with your hubbie b'cos he is the right companion who will walk you to your/ his grave. live together today and everyday like there is no tomorrow and don'l loose your today for no stupid someday. BYE

  3. Hey big bro, relax am not philosophising. Am just being me and enjoying life like never before.Sharing my experiences and views here is a part of it.I am glad you are reading my efforts and that we are connecting through it. Even criticism is most welcome.