Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the prettiest
I asked them all
The answers were different all the time
And never took a name which was mine
I kept looking in the mirror day and night
When the mirror would love me and hold me tight
And last night when I woke up in my dreams
I saw myself looking at my extreme
She looked so gorgeous full of attitude
And told me the secret to my gratitude

I walk with oomph, I walk in style
My style is so classy, its so versatile
Sarees, suits, a dress or pair of jeans
I carry it well just like my teens
Biba, Lakme, Levi or Gucci
I match it well with an elegant Mochhi
I dress to charm, I dress to kill
I keep it impeccable yet simple
I am a fashionista , I am a diva
A girl full of compassion
And passionate about ‘FASHION’

I heard it all I heard it well
To push myself out at last from my shell
The beauty is in me as the one in the mirror
I just have to know how to make it clearer
So if I ask the mirror next
The beauty would be me unperplexed

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