Sunday, September 14, 2014

For Onler with Love

A must watch movie for all sports lovers and especially all mommy’s on forced or volunteered break after kids. The movie we are talking about here is the latest B town buzz ‘Mary Kom’. The movie is about the grappling comeback of the boxing legend in the squared world. Although the film captured the pathos of the struggled life of Mary Kom brilliantly, what actually struck the chord with me was the second half of the movie which portrayed the fight of regaining the lost glory. Achieving the most unachievable feat, Mary rose to earn the title of ‘Magnificent Mary’ after reclaiming the world champion title in 2008. And this was when she made a majestic restore after delivering her twins. Knowing what trauma the body of a female goes through after giving birth, the accomplishment was more than remarkable. The character has been well lived by Priyanka Chopra. The grueling workout sessions behind the scenes are substantially reflected in the power pack performance of the actor. She has given her heart and soul in being the essence of the movie which takes on the shape of an enriching inspirational biopic.

As I said for me what made the movie rather story of Mary Kom special is her immense dedication to make the glorious come back that she did. May be I could relate to her frustration on leaving her career for the family and thereafter staying at home to ply her role of a dedicated mother. But she fought against all odds with a perfect balance to conquer the heights once again which if not unachievable, would be difficult without the support of a husband like Onler. It was Onler who made her realize and believe in the dreams once again. It was his unfathomable and unrelenting belief in Mary which made him extend the immense support for her taking care of the young kids. The movie brilliantly portrays the role a husband plays in the success of his wife after motherhood. Successful career women when take decision to take a break to look after the kids, making a comeback is never easy but goes effortlessly well with moving dedication and unconditional support from the family of which husband plays the main role. Today when we speak of gender equality and role reversals, I believe raising kids is equal responsibility of both the parents. After the initial care for which the kids need their mother, if the lady wants to hit the main stream again, husbands should be equally liable to share the load and give that extra push a wife needs at that hour. I simply loved the way Onler did that in the movie. Of course Mary Kom deserves the love and respect for such a remarkable journey but I would give an extra star to love of Onler and for his unquestionable support for Mary. Definitely this makes me say, ‘Behind every successful married woman, is a loving and supportive husband’.

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