Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coffee and Meeee

Coffee and me. The association dates back to my teens. Although back then we did’nt have such posh coffee joints like today but my city, Lucknow had an old, historic Coffee House were we used to hang out having cups after cups. Those places had their own romantic charm. Where at one place there would be a group of oldies sipping their cuppa, sharing their small little snippets from life and getting high on it, there on the other shady corner used to be some blushing couple holding hands under the table cover. There used to be so much warmth, a sense of belonging, a feeling of togetherness even when we did’nt knew each other, it was something different. Feels like an era gone by. Today that warm heartedness in the air has been replaced by the intoxicating coffelicious aroma which allures you for a compelling cuppa. And it offers something different every time. Different experiences, different stories, moments of solitude sometime and wondrous celebration to remember at times. Truly ‘A lot can happen over a cup of coffee’.

I have my own set of interesting incidents and stories revolving around a simple sip of coffee. And here I share the latest one with you.

Few days back me and my friends had gone out for a movie. No matter how old you get but when a group of ladies go out together for a hangout the sense of youth and girlishness just seeps in. And why not? After all, age is always a state of mind firstly and secondly I am not that old. I am just a mother of two, fit and smart enough with looks to turn few heads for a ‘dekho’ even today. So you see, all sorts of bubbly thoughts come into the mind when a group of not so young, not so old ladies, nah girls is out. So we had gone for this movie out and as we settled in our seats with our tubs of popcorns and cups of coffee, we realized that we captured half of the row and quite interestingly the other half was claimed by a group of seemingly college going guys. And their selection of movie snacks was same as ours. I was seated last where the seats of young boys started. The guy at the next seat looked good and we exchanged smiles before the movie started.

It was a horror movie and soon we were completely possessed by it. The popcorn tubs and coffee cups started passing at both the sides. The passing parcels moved fast at times in a fast paced scene and sometimes moved slowly when the heart beats stopped racing. Totally engrossed in the one of the spookiest scene, where the actress opened the door in a dark and breezy night, her hairs left open fell on the shoulders and winging behind, the hall echoed with fanatic scream of a guy. Oops ! the guy next seat, totally lost in that scene had put his hands in my piping hot coffee to fetch some pop corns. Ha Ha Ha … that was coffee and some great fun. Used to such screams in a horror movie the public carried on and so did both the groups only to find later on what actually happened.

This post is linked to the prompt by Write Tribe on the occasion of World Coffee Day.


  1. Poor fellow burnt his fingers. :D
    Great read.

    1. Thanks for reading and planting a comment Indrani

  2. haha oh no poor guy! By the way which movie was it? :)