Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Haylo friends. Today is 25th December. And I wish you all merry Christmas. Why Christmas is merry and not happy I used to always wonder. Anyways it is yet another day in our life which gives us a reason to be happy and spread happiness around. As a child, the idea of Santa getting gifts for kids was fascinating. Though my biggest socks hung every year near the bed never got filled with any sort of gifts, even years after when I know about the mystery behind that sledge man, the thrill of watching a man in red robe distributing givings is unbound. Years down the line today, when I pack the Christmas gifts for my young kiddos, I try to meet the hopes of my little ones but I feel too drawn towards the happiness quotient of the not so privileged lot.

The under dressed kids near the roadside, gathering the warmth and life at this time of year from the not so well lit up fire, trying to envelope themselves in rags of their existence. There lies beneath a stack of bright red Santa caps and masks. The sold ones brought them the bread for the day and the unsold ones promising one for tomorrow. Some of them donning the cute look with the caps on, luring the kids behind the closed windows of the cozy cars. These little nothings who don’t even know the meaning of Christmas spread the happiness in the lives of our little bundle of joys by selling off the Christmas accessories. For them it is just another way of sticking to the thread of life. But we the privileged, educated and fortunate ones, at times snub off these unfortunate ones in the name of comfortable tags like child labour or mendicity. What we don’t realize is, that buying one more cap even if we have one, won’t take much out of us but would give us an opportunity to spread happiness in the life of these kids. Try doing it this festive season. Try buying an extra pack of finger chips or any snack today and give away to these kids around. Try and give any unused toy, clothes or books. Try and help them in any possible way. Even our little effort will bring so much of joy to their faces that I am sure we will know the pleasure of giving and sharing. We have always bought from these people at the signal but out of tantrums of our own kids. Let us today buy for the delight of these under privileged kids and spread the happiness in their lives. God has made us capable to help people around so let us do it and be a Santa. A Santa which brings joy, happiness, a belief and above all hope to live on.


  1. We live in alife of our own. Beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone lies a world of the less fortunate, all of us know it well, e it from the cool aircondition of our high end cars ,or in Television ..yet we do nothing. Perhaps the inertia will break some day,and we will bring smile to a stranger.
    I appreciate your thought and thank you to make us introspect to find the real Santa in us...I am sanguine he will come out in far as raindeer sledge..well you might have to manage with a scooty....

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving few words here on my portal. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  2. Hi Upma,
    Very nice thoughts on Christmas Day.
    Even a genuine smile towards these less fortunate kids evokes a happy smile back.
    Wish You and Your Family and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  3. Ma'am it's a very beautiful thought...I shall definetly imbibe and pass this beautiful thought...wishing you and your family greetings of the season..and a very prosperous and beautiful new year...