Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 16. Dear, 16 Year Old Me

Dear, 16 Year Old Me,

Heartiest Congratulations on entering the most beautiful of all the teens. Sweet sixteen as everyone calls it; it has just knocked at your door. While every moment of life has its own charm and is full of happiness if you really want it to be, this newly acquired tiara will make you feel like a princess in true spirits. Be a dreamer and live up to your dreams, be the fearless warrior to fight your fortune and remember the golden rules of life which I have learnt in these thirty seven years of amazing journey.

1.  Every phase of life is beautiful and comes with its own enamor, which never gets back to you again. So live life to the fullest. There is an amazing vibrance which comes in this phase. Feel it and enjoy bathing in the glory of its splendidness.

2. You are a dreamer. Dream big, don’t hesitate. Dream, desire, ask. For these are the ways you can make the universe listen to your wishes. Initiate a wish and act in the direction of your dream, so that universe can grant you and open the doors of synchronicity flying open to you.

3.  Be happy and count on your blessings. Show your gratitude for all you have. When you thank the universe for all you have, you are granted more and more of it. So the key to have your urn always full with his blessings is, be grateful and happy for all you have.

4. I know you have many passions in life. You may feel that you are not getting enough time and space to pursue all of them but believe me, an entire life is there in front of you and learning is not restricted to any age. You must keep learning all your life and never give up on any passion of yours.

5.You are the creator of your own life. You can write the story of your life as you want it to be. Experience that greatness within and the amazing creative energy that God, the supreme creator has gifted to us. All you need is the understanding of how to channelize that energy in the right direction. Have role models and read about their life. Let their life be your guiding light.

6. Keep the inner compass of life intact and choose them well. The people who are close to you, which can be family or friends. The friends you make now will be your companion for life so they have to compliment and support you well. But life is not only about gaining from others. You have to be for the people who form part of your inner compass. Life long relationships need nurturing, sincerity and lots of selfless love. If you will give, then only you will receive the unconditional love.

7. Attitude for life is what defines us. Have a positive attitude. It will pull you out of every challenging situation in life. There will be trying situations which will remain same for everyone. What will make it different is how to take on them. You will come out victorious only if you have a positive attitude.

8. Do not suppress your emotions. Express without any inhibition. Live, love and laugh. Be in the moment as you want to be. For once it passes; the clock can never be reversed. Life looks beautiful and all rosy in your age, enjoy the splendor.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. You learn while making mistakes, so just live life and live it to the fullest so that you have no regrets later.

Lovingly Yours
Not so old friend

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This week’s WOW prompt is: “Dear, 16 Year Old Me”

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